Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bills coming due, Time to move!!

Salmon Fishermen at Sewart, AK
Mt. McKinley or Denali

Above: Motor home on the Ferry crossing the Yukon River at Dawson City, Yukon

Mayflower, Plymouth, just North of Cape Cod.
Above is The Grand Canyon of Yellostone NP

Looking down into the Grand Canyon

Yeah! Moving day. Most parks do not allow you to wash your vehicles. This one does, so I have washed the Motor Home and the Van. I cleaned the windows as well as I can, got the bike rack on the van and the bikes aboard. Our Ships Wheel Name plate and fake puppy are up. We are nearly ready to go. My “never feels bad” lady is a little under the weather today, stomach isn’t doing right and has had a head ache. Very unusual for this lady.

She will bounce back with the move. We drive up the road to Lake Griffin State Park. Nice lake I wish we still had our boat. I miss the fresh fish. Maybe we will try some from the bank, but I doubt it. LOL.
The Oranges are turning, I love to see them. Someone asked awhile back what is the most interesting place you have been. I think in the following order:

Alaska & the Yukon….It gives the feeling of a frontier, which it still is.
Hawaii and its spectacular beauty and the North shore where the BIG waves come in and the surfers live. (We were on Oahu, we haven’t been to the Big Island)
I have stood in awe of two things when I first saw them:
The Atlantic Ocean and the Grand Canyon. You just cannot believe there is that much water, the other you just cannot imagine a hole that big. I mean a hole with a mile high mountain in the middle of it and you are looking down on it. There is still plenty of room left in that hole.

I think the most satisfying feeling was at Cape Cod, looking back over Buzzard’s bay, while Sherry and I sang: (for Patti Page)_

If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air
Quaint little villages here and there
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod
(Cape Cod, that old Cape Cod)

If you spend an evening you'll want to stay
Watching the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod
(aah, aah)
If you spend an evening you'll want to stay
Watching the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod
You're sure to fall in love You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod

No there are so many more, The list above is just a quick selection I am sure I will think of many more and Sherry will when she reads this. But Natural beauty it is impossible not to think of Alaska! Ah yeah, there is San Antonio, Badlands, Arizona desert, Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse, Little town on the prairie etc, the list does not stop and they are all wonderful in their own right.

Nite Shipslog
PS: I have to stop this, I want to GO, I love it!


jack69 said...

Sorry I cannot predict what this blog will look like when I publish a new entry, so the picture notations are different than they show up.
I am sure you get the point, we love every place we have ever been, I cannot think of any exceptions right now.

jack69 said...

I cannot get the pictures to go where they were when I entered them. So you can try to figure by the notations. One day I will get the hang of this. I will find out what a picture bucket, or pic puzzle or Picasso or???? is. Right now I am like old Rodney King, I am just trying to get along!

Jean said...

The pictures looks great but it looks like i might be missing two. Lol Hope Sherry is feeling well soon.I would love to travel but my husband is a stay at home guy. Take care, jean

Anonymous said...

Well hope you got settled OK. You are right
it is not like Sherry to not feel well. We can't feel good all the time. We need to
enjoy laying around and getting well once in awhile. You sure have been around the world and back I am glad you like traveling. You know me I stay put and love it. Traveled a lot in my younger days and did enjoy it.
But home now and do my shopping. Yes my shopping. I shop like I am on mission from
GOD. Looks like I am going to have to check

Debbie said...

I hope Sherry starts feeling better soon. I love oranges but don't buy them often because fruit is too expensive. I love all the pictures you share with us because that is the only way I will ever get to see places like that. That picture of the motor home on the ferry always amazes me when I look at it. I need to wash the windows on my car, getting a little hard to see out of with the bugs that went splat and the birds always seem to find it a good place to let it all hang out,lol.
Hope you and Sherry enjoy your new place on the road.

Terri said...

Jack your pics look just fine to me...the second one is breathtaking! I love reading all about your travels...and hope to someday be able to travel a little too and more often...Hope Sherry feels better soon....enjoy your next "home" placement... Great entry!


Sheila Y said...

Hi Jack, I hope Sherry has a speedy recovery. You didn't cook for her last night, did you? lol, have a great day. Sheila

Paula said...

Hope Sherry is feeling better now. You two have been to a lot of interesting places.

betty said...

catching up here, Jack; great pictures! hoping Sherry is feeling better by now