Monday, October 20, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Life in any lane is fast, at 70. Sherry and I have two sons. We are both proud of them, we always have been. There were times we were disappointed, hurt and down right mad, but we still loved them and were proud they were our sons.
I had always hoped their lives would be like ours, a wife and children in that order. And that love would be the true lasting love as Sherry and I have experienced. I wanted them to be as happy as I, but then that is impossible because I am the happiest guy in this world. I am also the luckiest.

Whoever is reading this, I hope YOU find real happiness. IT IS NEVER TOOOO LATE!! It starts within. You first have to know yourself, and be yourself. Fakes are miserable, they also must not be happy with their station in life. I think faith has a lot to do with happiness. It is best to share the same faith with your partner. I am reminded of our good friends Al & Judy. They were camping friends from Maine, small place called Milbridge. Every week without fail they attended Mass and whatever special Catholic services came up. They always found a place to worship on the road. Al passed away a few years back, they were married the same year we were. They never got to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We visited Judy and were talking about the church they attended, we had passed it in a small town nearby. Sherry said I guess you hate to attend by yourself.
I love to hear her talk, “Ooh, I don’t attend theaah, I am Baptist. Al was the man of the house, I attended where he wanted to go, now I am back to the Baptist church with my mom in Kennebunkport.”
As far as I know that was the best marriage of differing beliefs I have ever seen.
I just think a lot of problems are solved if you have the same background and beliefs. But for true happiness, I think you need faith, it will help you through the rough ground.
I will let you go. Thanks for coming by this Log.
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No, being nuts does not make your life a Sundae.
Nuts that remain in the bag, are nuts still.
Not all nuts are good to eat, ever try an acorn?
The Almond combats cholesterol build up in your arteries better than any other nut, except your doctor.


Sandra said...

attending church has always been a must for us... been married 52 years but a couple of those years might not have made it if not for my faith

Paula said...

Wonderful post. We knew a couple that the wife went to the Catholic church and the husband went to the Baptist church and they celebrated many years of marriage before he died. They did everything else together. I guess it worked for them.

Debbie said...

I know alot of older people who feel the same as you about being of the same faith. Gary and I are of different faiths and it has never been an issue between us. Faith plays a role in every aspect of life. I think where alot of the problems come in is when one or the other tries to force their beliefs down the throat of their spouse. I don't believe in forcing my beliefs on anyone, I respect their beliefs but I want them to give me the same respect.

Anonymous said...

Faith will bring you through. Very
good post. I am having faith that
my computer is going to work right.
It caught a virus. I will give it
some tylenol and hope it gets
better. I will keep the faith.


shirl72 said...

Jack is would not take my password
so I clicked and annoymous and it
took it. I may have to be
annoymous my new password.


betty said...

great thoughts, Jack; I go with what the Bible says about marrying someone; it says not to be yoked with non-believers; the trouble is what happens if 2 non-believers marry and then 1 comes to know the Lord? That has created some tensions in relationships I know of.

good entry


Terri said...

Great entry!
I am Catholic and Jeff is Methodist...Sad to say but I haven't went to church on a regular basis since I was about 15yrs old... We were married in a Methodist church ..we have been married for 13yrs...and are very happy...most of the time (grin) ..there for awhile we were attending a Catholic church together...but after awhile it faded away....but our Faith in the Lord is strong....and eventually we will go back....