Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sticky Cover

Okay this is the third time posting this same post. hope it takes, can't figure what I am doing wrong, but it must be something.

Well you have to understand, it is near impossible for us neophytes to know how much work (computer wise in processing and storing) goes into one book cover. Josh has finished my Book cover for Sticky. Now I am ready to submit the final piece of data to the publisher or printer. I am the publisher, I forget that. One slight problem. “Grandpa, the size of the cover file is 50 Meg., I cannot send it as an attachment it is too big! I am on Fall break and it will be Wednesday before I can upload it to a place that you can download it from.”
Now just to give you an idea how much space the cover takes up in a computer, my book is only 278 pages long and it takes up 38 Meg. That is saying the cover takes up about one and a half what the book does. You must consider that the cover has three pictures inset over a very large picture. Along with text. So it is very large. Anyway I am not on a deadline, I am just glad the cover has been finished.
In hind sight, I should have chosen a much simpler cover, and I will from now on. I will take that into consideration.
Of course we are all good at hind sight. We all know someone who was smart enough to buy land or something very cheap five or ten years before it became very valuable. My Daddy had a saying, ”A very smart man is a man who knows to buy junk the day before it becomes an antique.” Daddy was very smart, but he never bought the $50 an acre land either. Dad would never invest, he said it looked bad for a minister to invest and speculate. Of course he never bought the junk the day before it became an antique either.
I hope to become a published writer. Only one in 150,000 published writers make a living at it, much less get rich. So I am not expecting to turn the world on ear at 69 years old. This is just another one of those things I wanted to do.
I have spent my life doing the things I wanted to do.
I wanted to quit school… I did, I successfully did it.
I wanted to be a Marine… I successfully completed PI
I Wanted to be an Airman…I successfully did it for over 4 years.
Then I decided I wanted to Preach.. I was successful at that for a few years.
I was a chalk artist, teacher and Magician.
I decided I wanted to be a Sailor.. I became one and retired a Chief.
I wanted to be a builder… I was successful at that up to and including Licensed General Contractor.
I wanted to be a published Writer.. I hope to succeed in a few weeks.
NO! I have not been successful at some of the most important jobs.
I attended College three times, I was top in my class each time but I quit. So none was successful.
I wanted to be a husband! Successful? I am not sure. I have been married over 52 years but most of the credit goes to a wonderful woman.
I wanted to be a Dad. I became one.. Successful? not really. I did not convey the important parts of life. That is a dad’s job. I failed miserably in that respect.
I can fix most anything. Everybody who knows me will tell you that. As a grown man I have stood and cried when I could fix a faulty light, breaker, roof, or start a stubborn car, when I could not help my sons in their problems, I could not fix their lives. It is a very helpless feeling and you must experience it before you realize how helpless you are.
Yeah I KNOW, we can fix anyone’s problems (theoretically), as long as we only have to tell them how to do it. We think to ourselves, if they would only listen to me! That is a bunch of BS. Most of us can’t and didn’t fix our own problems, we muddled through them, but we will gladly fix everyone else’s problems.
Now back to the beginning of this entry, the cover takes up a lot of computer space. Hahahaha!
What an entry! Thanks for coming if you stayed all the way!
Thanks even if; you didn’t.
Nite Shipslog
Life is short,
Forgive quickly,
Kiss slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile,
And remember most people don’t like a mean person so just be sweet.


Terri said...

I for one Jack think you have been very successful in life as a human being, husband and father...

Congrats...glad your book cover is complete...I bet the finished product will look great...

Chalk it up to another successful accomplishment!

Have a great week


Debbie said...

I think this is a great entry, says alot for the person you were and have grown to become. That's great that your cover for the book is finished bringing you one step closer to another accomplishment and goal. I don't know anything about memory and megs and all the computer lingo.
Your entry was even a success, it showed up on my dashboard 3 times, lol.

Anonymous said...

Well you are on a roll today. This
may not get on the blog. Everything I do is hit and miss on
blogs. I don't like them but I got here accidentally. I have called
a repairman to help get me out of
my mess. I started to use a hammer
but thought better that is to expensive. Glad you were successful at some things. Dad couldn't fix our life either.


Anonymous said...

I click the wrong thing and came up
anonymous a mistake. will try again. This is mind bobbling.
You know who I am.

Debbie said...

Shirl needs to click back on the Google/Blogger in this comment section that should take her back to not being anonymous.

Paula said...

Whoops I almost missed your new blog. Thats what I get for not being superwoman and reading every blog every day. I'm happy to see you, Sherry, and Shirl here with the rest of us. Congrats on your book and seems as if you've lead a very successful life.

Paula said...
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betty said...

I think you are a success as a husband; I think we are all too critical on our parenting skills (at least I am); I think you are a good dad; I can't wait to see the cover of the book and the book itself!


Anonymous said...

Jack, I sometimes get your comments from Glenda and sometimes have the time to read them. They always make me smile. I'm sure your book will do the same! My greatest memories of your family is about 1960 when you all would come to the "poor farm" and we would play in the front yard and always ate. Jackie and Mark were such cute little boys. The other time was in Key West about 1975 or 6. You and Sherry were so hospitable. It sticks in my memory.
Mary (the one that got left @ church one Sunday night)

Woody said...

From what I can see, You my friend are a successful man, why would I say that to some one I have never met, well first God created you, and remember, God don't make Junk. also for the past months reading your ideas, quotes, remarks, statements, ramblings, and the expression publicly of your love of parents, wife and family and friends and country I would have to say yes, theres a successful man!!


Jean said...

Jack where will we be able to buy your book? jean

Rose said...

Stopping by to introduce myself...found you by way of Woody's Journal.