Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thanks Debbie!

Wednesday, March 17, 200411:08:00 PM EST Feeling Quiet Edit Entry Delete Entry

If I had known how to get the first entry I ever made it would have been the first entry here. As You can see I started March of 2004, since then the ShipsLog had over 30,000 reads. So now I may ocntinue here. This is the first entry I ever made on a BLOG!

We live on the road, Sherry & I. We have been on the road a few years now and still love it. We have traveled to all 50 states and 18 countries. Latest travel was to Mexico, just into the edge, Nuevo Progresso. I had some dental work done there.
Traveled back up thru Texas and stopped in the BIG EASY for a week or so, had a ball walking.
Speaking of walking, Sherry decided in 2000 we should walk the Appalatchian Trail. We walked a Hundred miles and died! We went back though, you can't stop Sherry. We have since walked from Georgia to Mt. Killington, VT. That is 1700+ miles. We are due to go back and try to finish the other 500 miles this summer.
Will close with our ages, we are 65/66 years young/old whatever, both retired.


Debbie said...

Your welcome Jack, imagine that 'me' being able to help someone,lol.
Actually as long as you've been writing in your journal I think it would be a shame for you to lose all of it. Terri migrated her journal over last night and didn't have any problems. Some folks are having problems and the folks at Magic Smoke are trying to help them out. They have quite a bit of information there.
Going over in a little while to read your latest on AOL, I was on the people connection page when I noticed you had updated, lol.

betty said...

that was neat to include your very first entry from blogging in this new journal of yours; looks great!!!

glad you are aboard here on Blogger :)


Debbie said...

Just thought of something and came over to take a look. You wouldn't be able to transfer your journal over here unless you change the name of this blog or deleted this blog but kept your blogger account. The software they are using won't transfer to a blog by the same name as your journal. Confusing I know but that's the way they have the migration set-up.