Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reservations, musings & trips

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I had a good entry here. About reservations, and MS Windows had a problem and had to shut down. Shucks! Also I dress this up a little and copy and paste and it comes out Black & White only. Oh well.......

Anyway We are usually, fly by the seat of the pants, type of people. No reservations. A couple years ago we decided it was time, we had to start.
Yesterday evening Sherry called to make reservations at Lake Panasofkee. Nothing available. Heck no body is in Florida this time of the year. What has happened? So quick I get on the internet and check Lake Griffin State Park in Leesburg. Yes they have room. Good! What about Thanksgiving? NADA! WHAT? That is right nothing available Thanksgiving.
Anyone out there have room for a 38.5 foot RV in your drive over Thanksgiving? It is Just a joke folks, we find a spot. That is the way we live. HA!

There are plenty more spots, I was just surprised that they were full over Thanksgiving.
Sherry & her two sisters Colette and Lennie were three peas in a pod. We Brothers in law knew when we married one we got all three. Lennie and Collette had seldom traveled over 250 miles from home, UNTIL we moved back into the area. Then we started at least one week a year traveling together. We usually rented a van. Once the trip included Key West. We got there and there was not a room of any kind available. We started back up the Keys (150 miles of two lane road and bridges). We did not find a vacancy until we reached Ft. Lauderdale and it was between two and four in the morning. SOOOO we learned then to check ahead but still did not start making reservations until a few years ago.
Those times are gone, Lennie and Colette had the ill manners to leave this life for a better one, but that doesn’t make you miss them less. Our yearly trips are gone but than the Lord for memories.
Those trips were great. We went to Missouri, San Antonio, Lancaster, Nova Scotia, Toranto, Key West, another big Florida trip, Bransen. Nat’l Bridge, Williamsburg, West VA. coal mining country, Cape Cod and Boston. Three couples and never an argument or problem.
Thanks for coming to the Log.
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For you who are not familiar with Wall Street terms:

CEO --Chief Embezzlement Officer.
CFO-- Corporate Fraud Officer.
BULL MARKET -- A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius.
BEAR MARKET -- A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry, and the husband gets no sex.


shirl72 said...

Well I got on my Blog. I lost the
one I typed this morning because I
didn't click save.

If you still had your home on the
lake you would not have to worry
about reservations. You could see
if your birds were still there that
wanted to live on your pontoon boat. I told Bobby Don what you said. He got a laugh. He was at the luncheon 20 attended. Call Pastor C he may let the Chosen Two
Stay on his property. HA. Now I will try and get out of here.
Shopped a little before coming home.

Debbie said...

Here I was about to offer you some boondocks hospitality and let you park in our drive, lol. I agree thank God for memories. Had to smile at the bear market, haha.
Hope you find a great place to spend Thanksgiving.

Paula said...

I think "seat of the pants" traveling would be best. I've always wanted to just head out with no destination, no plans, no nothing. Just hit the country roads and stop when and if I wanted. So far it hasn't happened but wouldn't that be some blog material? Hi to Sherry and Shirl. Paula

Woody said...

Ahoy There!!, your more than welcome to come up and park here on my daughters lot on the Black River, the nights are down in the 30's but the days are way above normal being in the high 70's.

As long as your rig has all wheel drive, a front end winch and a set of tire chains you should make it down the incline to the river, Oh ya, and it should have an Anchor to drop to slow ya down before ya get to the bottom of the hill!!!


betty said...

interesting about the reservations; I know we were looking at places around Yosemite to stay (hotels/motels) and they were always booked around holidays

neat that you had such a special friendship with Sherry's sisters/their spouses; those are probably all great memories!


Terri said...

I can't believe some places would be booked around thanksgiving...

I was gonna offer you to park it up at Moms as well...she has plenty of room..haha

Hope you find a lovely place to go to during your thanksgiving holiday

Have a good weekend