Sunday, October 19, 2008

Politics, my view

I will say this about the election. If John McCain wins this election, he will have beaten so many groups it will be amazing. I know the two big pro abortion groups together put in 70 million dollars, according to AOL news. The Democratic party that has raised a record amount of money, at least one minority section has raised 50 million. The Ugly Contention is raising money just to fight Palin, because she is a pretty face. I almost throw up when I hear a liberal say she should stay home and raise her family, but NEVER say that about a Liberal Mother politician.
I also get frustrated hearing, ‘No experience’. Sorta funny in life from the lowest scale, every position and job is started with little or no experience. You can never be a mother the first time and have experience at it. And babies never come with the makers instructions written down. And by and large our mothers are successful. Don’t even try to tell me that does not compare with the Presidency. The new mother looks around for advice, picks the best she can for advice and answering questions. NO president goes in knowing the job. Read the autobiographies of men like Roosevelt, Truman, Carter, and others. One of the first things they say is they were overwhelmed by the responsibilities, they had not begun to imagine what it was like. I have said it here and I will say it again. What makes a good president is his being able to surround himself with good, honest intelligent men and women. If he picks a loser, the faster he gets rid of them the better.
I think both McCain and Palin are smart enough to choose wisely. On the other hand, I assume Mr. Obama will choose wisely. I do not think he will Pick Jesse Jackson for Secretary of State nor the Rev. Sharpton as Defense. He knows if he does his administration is headed down the tubes. I am not going to preach gloom and doom. This is the greatest Nation on planet Earth. We will live through either person who gets in.

I hope it is not Obama, he has promised to raise my taxes, I don’t want my taxes raised. Yes even my taxes and yours. What he said was he would do away with the “BUSH” tax cuts. If he does that it will raise mine & yours. I also get a little sick of Politicians who say they are going to tax the rich. Hahahahahahahaha! A tax for the rich must go through RICH men & women to be voted on. One in three Senators are millionaires and nearly half the house, are or are approaching millionaire status.
As far as the war goes, if Bush could end it today he would, no one wants the Albatross around their neck, but they do not want it marked up as a loss for the US either. There is an honorable way out, we must find it. Both men running know they must end the war, problem is, HOW?
That is politics for tonight.
Nite Shipslog.

PS: Life is good, even in the USA no matter what your income level is, life is good.
*******If you don’t believe it visit Port a Prince.
*******Walk across the border to Baccias, Neuvo Progresso or cross at El Paso.
Yes life is good.
God Bless America


shirl72 said...

Well you have written a good blog,
I agree no place like USA. I love
and enjoy living here with all our
freedoms we have. The choices we have are on food, clothes. religion are mind boggling. So for
now I will be happy with my Country.


betty said...

yep, life is good because God is good (all the time); I just wonder what will happen to America when God decides he doesn't want to bless it anymore because we don't honor him

good entry Jack; I have thought the same thing too about experience; no one who is running has ever been president; how would they know what to do until they are actually there in the Oval office? blows my mind away how some people think

so glad the days are counting down and the election will be over


Woody said...

16 more day's till election, then its all over but the crying!!!!!


Glendy said...

Ok, this one inspired me to go through the process of figuring out how to access in order to comment! Am with you all the way with regard to patriotic thoughts. It is particularly painful timing for this election to be set against the backdrop of economic turbulence such as most of us have never experienced. And unfortunate that decisions will be made based on "spin" on the economy. I'll go with Shirl on this one and "Be Happy" worry never resolves

Sandra said...

no not just a pretty face but an empty head...heaven help us all