Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pop ups, weather and Mary

There is nothing more fun than pop ups. Especially pop ups that cover your entire screen. Shirl has been fighting one for two or three days. Any suggestions?
We are having pretty windy weather here in central Florida, but the temp is great. We walked last night, looked clear but we started getting a drizzle about a quarter mile from the coach. We put it in hi (for old folks) and came on home. Today we walked during the day, it is beautiful out.
Some folk decorate for the different holidays, a lot of Halloween folks here. Sometimes we buy a pumpkin we did not this year. We have a ceramic Christmas tree and sometimes put a string of lites up in the windshield. I love to look at the places that are decorated, just don’t want to do it myself anymore.
We are well hope you are.
I got a comment from Mary a couple days ago. It was a sweet entry, we knew her when we were in Kirksville and Moberly, Missouri. The family lived on a farm south of town. The top family we have met in our travels. Next to family, they are probably the best. We love them all. I do not have Mary’s e-mail address. I can’t click on her name and get it on the Blogspot I don’t think.
Thanks for coming by the Shipslog.
Nite Shipslog
Are you good at catching apples? Glenda, Mary’s sister sent this:


Terri said...

Our weathers been pretty nice too...suppose to get some rain tonight i think...

As far as popups...at the bottom of your journal or any website I believe you will see where it says block popups...click that and it should tell you what to do...hope this helps...


Pudge450 said...

I had a problem with popups once - from a company that wanted to sell me software to BLOCK POPUPS. After running Spybot, it was still there. I eventually restored my computer to a previous date before the popups started and that took care of the problem. There ought to be a law.....

Debbie said...

I wish I could help Shirl out with the pop ups but my internet service has a pop up blocker and I don't have that problem since they added that to our service. I think Terri must be talking about at the bottom of your computer screen on the taskbar. I know you can click and drag the full page ones so you can get to the little x to close but I'm wondering if you right click your mouse while the pop up is there that maybe it has an option there to block. I sure wish there was something I could do to help. I hope your grandson can help her since he lives nearby.
I went to Mary's comment and clicked to see if it would take me to her profile page to see if she had added her email address but it wouldn't open to her profile so I'm assuming she must have used the name/url option to leave her comment.
I know I added my email address to my profile by going to my dashboard and at the top left hand corner clicked on edit profile and clicked on Show my email address
We've had very warm temps here Sunday the high was 96. Not hog killing weather for sure but my brother takes his to have it processed and wrapped. We love fresh pork too and my brother told me tonight that at the end of the month he is having another one processed and plans to give us some more.

Debbie said...

Pudge450 has a great idea with systems restore now why didn't I think of that, lol. I've used systems restore several times to straighten out messes I've gotten myself into on this computer.

shirl72 said...

Thanks for your Blogger leaving
helpful hints. This is an
antispyware that wants to put it on
for $49.50. I think not. It covers the whole screen and want let me click to anything. I will
try the suggestions. As my brother
knows I am not savvy on the computer. The balloons that pop up
in the right no problem just annoying. I had pop-up block
and it blocked me from spell check.
had to click a red dot to get there. I am really having fun.
Have used some French. Well it is
early going to start clicking again.


betty said...

hope Shirley got rid of her pop up by now; I never get them so I'm not sure if my husband has some type of filter on this or not

a lot of people decorate here for Halloween too; we don't but its neat to see other people's creativity :)