Friday, October 17, 2008


Well there went another entry. It might be on here, heck I don't know. NO SHIRL it is not behind the computer, I looked. hahaha!

Anyway thanks for the nice words. I do hope to see the proof soon, I am like a kid at Christmas.

I am composing on line and should know better. I am trying to learn too much at once. This site navigation and now I have the puzzle of VISTA!!!!
Cannot buy XP in a desk top anymopre according to the salesman.

No more details. Just I will get back after I find the 2000 pictures I put on the new machine, they are there they are just hiding.

Thanks for coming by.
Nite Shipslog

Did you know Tigers have striped skin as well as fur?


shirl72 said...

I don't know why you can't find all that leaves the screen on the floor back of the computer. Now you can stay busy setting up your new toy. I don't understand this one. These things are to complicated for my pea brain. At my age it is full of important information I need. Something new will blow a fuse.


Debbie said...

Hope you find your pictures soon. I'm hoping someone in my family will decide to get a new computer and give me their XP, I'm running on this old antique Windows ME. I've had it for a long time and it's served me well. It it laid down tomorrow I shouldn't complain but I would, lol.
Hope you and Sherry have a great weekend.

Terri said...

I wish you could still purchase XP, thats what I have and have always loved it...I hate to think if mine crapped out I would have to get something i know nothing about (Vista)...hope you find your pictures soon...let me know how you like vista...

Have a great weekend!

Paula said...

I didn't know if tigers are naked they still have stripes.

betty said...

I still have XP on my old computer; I fear for the day it dies; I'm hoping Microsoft will have something else out to take Vista's place; you are right XP is nowhere to be seen on laptops

I like to hear the progress with your book; its exciting!

and I'm also glad Shirley's giving the blogging thing a try :)