Saturday, October 18, 2008

I think I am getting there

This is my first try at composing on the new system. I am a little on edge getting prepared to launch into this mystical journey. It is mystical when you are lost from the beginning. I know it is better for the environment, but I do wish there were still operations and instruction manuals with all this software. And to be honest I wasn’t raised ‘READING’ pictures. I understand why they are used, but I still do not like it. This computer came with a picture display two feet square with big pictures showing where the wires go. Now truthfully there is a loose cable behind the computer right now. It goes from the monitor to the computer according to the picture, but there is not mating connector there. So for right now it is just hanging loose. I just spent thirty minutes trying to figure how I got into caps without the caps lock on. I got out of it now but I do not know how I did it.

Back to the pictures, I don’t even like it when they just put pictures on the Bathrooms. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Awhile back we were in a Pizza Hut. I headed to the bathroom and stood there for a minute. Now when God created toilet signs he put the name on the door or immediately above it. These were at the side. When we started to leave Sherry wanted to make a trip to the bano. I noticed her looking puzzled and when I caught her eye I indicated the signs.

I know it makes no difference to the local folk they know which side is the boys and girls. It is sorta like attending a new church, which we do regularily. Sometimes we walk up to the church and do not know which door is the entrance. I want a sign that says, “Hey Jack, this one!”

Have you noticed I have bitched a lot here today? I will try to do better.
Thanks for coming this way!

Wow we have cheap gas, $2.89 a gallon. Can you imagine thinking that is cheap?

I Am really a happy guy. I found my pictures even added some. Don’t’ know whether I can find them again, but……………………………………
We walked pretty late last night because I was messing with this thing.
It was dark when we got home. More snow birds showing up and plenty of full timers like ourselves. That is what we who live full time in our RV are referred to.


shirl72 said...

I wish you would hurry and get the
thing set up. I am in trouble with
my computer. Now it is saying NO
DISK in Windows. I guess I am going to call a repair man. The
Geeks charges $100.00 just to come
out. I will find somebody I just
hadn't put my mind to the problem.
I guess I thought it would heal itself. Josh said there was one
in Catawba just need to get his
number. This is ageing me fast.
it is causing wrinkles but thank
goodness wrinkles don't hurt. I am
reminded of Paula's poem.


betty said...

looks like your entry worked just fine :)

enjoy the day

gas here is $3.25 for the cheapest grade; didn't stop to look what diesel was


Debbie said...

Bitch away! HAHAHA!Oh you probably hit those F thingy keys at the top of your keyboard that are supposed to be shortcuts and I don't know what any of them mean. I'm not too good with the picture instructions either. And I hate those bathroom signs they are so confusing I just hope and pray I'm walking into the right one. At our little country grocery gas was $3.09 yesterday, three miles from our house in the other direction gas was $2.96. Six miles from our house heading into town the place I always get my gas the price was $2.89 and they pump it for you, go figure. Thanks for explaining the birthday thing now I get it, lol. Well, I sure hope Shirl can get some help with her computer without it costing her an arm and a leg. It's probably something simple if anything on these dang computers can be called simple to us folks who have to fake our way through,lol.