Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday October 13, 1972 SAD DAY FOR ME

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Remembering Friday, October 13, 1972
I have learned that 69+ is not old. Today is a Mile marker. A day of success for my Dad, but a sad day for us, his family.
Charlotte is a fairly large city. My dad was taken to the hospital there after a severe heart attack. The situation did not look good. In a hospital that large and in a city that big, the head nurse on that ward was Ethel Buff, a friend of Sherry & I. When she learned who B.F. Darnell was, she called Dick Lankford (my bro-in-law) aside and said, “Call Jack, tell him if he wants to see his dad alive to get here as quickly as possible.”
At the time I was in GITMO BAY, Cuba. The Navy got me on a plane that day (my family was to come later, there was no room on that flight.) I flew to Norfolk then a plane to Charlotte, it was record time, but the weather was bad in Charlotte and we could not land. While my plane circled Charlotte, Dad passed away. Mama, Shirl, Jim, Kat, Dick,Jr and Odis were there, I was in the sky above. I should have seen his spirit leave.
Ethel (the nurse) was with Dick when he was standing beside Dad in the ICU. Dick said to Dad, “Doc, we want to get you well and get you back home.”
Dick said dad looked at him very tired, raised a feeble hand pointed skyward and said, “Home.” He closed his eyes and departed for his long awaited home. Like I said it was a good day for him, but a sad day for us.
Ceremony was not Dad’s best suit. He was a common man of uncommon valor. He went from a dirt poor peanut farmer to a very successful and well respected pastor and minister. He never forgot that the members of his church worked for a living and respected everyone of them.
The church in which the funeral was held would only seat 5 to 6 hundred. It was the first church he organized and built. It is located in South Gastonia, NC. There were a hundred honorary pallbearers. City officials and politicians were there. Dad would have been proud if he had not been busy elsewhere. Yes Shirl, Sherry and I miss you Dad. You were really one of the GOOD GUYS! You never made me feel inferior, but I knew I was, you were a MAN!
Little known facts: Dad plowed a matching pair of Roman nose mules. Mama said he could plow from dawn to dark.
**could handle and use dynamite well enough to stack boulders.
**When dad ’built a church’ he was right there with the workers, mixing mortar, handling lumber. (a working supervisor)
**He was never afraid to say “I don not know.” But followed it with, “I will find out.”
***He never had a fortune nor lived in a new home.
BUT HE was the richest man I ever knew, and now lives in a mansion. He talks personally with his hero’s Caleb & Joshua.
(Dad liked optimists)
Now the selfish part of this entry. If I live three more days I will have lived as long as my Dad. I never expected to see the day. Funny, now I want to live longer.
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Life is short:
Forgive quickly,
Kiss slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably,
Never regret anything that made you smile.
Keep this in mind, if you carry a grudge, it will weigh you down!
If you are mean, it will be seen.
All the good you do can be wiped out by one act of stupidity!
And old navy expression that fits here:
One “OH SH-T!” wipes out a thousand ‘ATTA BOYS’


Debbie said...

My eyes are blurry with tears reading this. No matter how long it's been since our loved ones went 'home' we hold them close to our hearts. I truly believe that your Dad knew you were there flying overhead.
Sending all of you big hugs today.

betty said...

I'm so sorry, Jack; we never stop missing them, but his legacy lives on; he seemed like a decent, loving man!


Terri said...

I'm sorry for your loss Jack...I too believe your daddy knew you were flying overhead and trying your best to get's so hard losing those we love...

Lighting a candle in his memory this evening...

Big Hugs!

jack69 said...

I will put this in for Shirl. She & Jim drove across town then back across town to take Dad to the hospital. She has tried to comment but just can't get on for some reason. They were the closest kin to Mom & Dad the rest of us were off minding the world.
This is for Shirl who will get here later to comment more.

shirl72 said...

Our Dad was the greatest. He is remember today as if he passed
yesterday. He taught me to drive.
Help me pick out my first car.
When we bought he wanted to race
home. He was such a wonderful father. We love him and he loved us.


shirl72 said...

Our Dad was the greatest. He is remembered today as if he passed
yesterday. He taught me to drive.
Help me pick out my first car.
When we bought my car he wanted to race home. He was such a wonderful father. We love him and he loved us.

Shirl This may post 2 times (sorry) just learning

Anonymous said...

your father was an uncommon man. as are you so i was not surprised to hear of him being the way he was and the things he did.
oh how lovely to know with surety that one is going "home".we all will meet one day i am sure until then best wishes for your book and as always God bless you and yours, jun