Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I don't know?

Okay, I know the secret to long life. A kid was asked, “Why do you think some people live a long life and get real old?”
After a pause and deep concentration she said “It is probably because they forgot to remember to die.”

Can’t be more truthful than that. I think some folks just enjoy life so much. They love their family and friends so much they do not think about death. Now I hope you understand I am not taking a terrible life taking disease into account. (BECAUSE, If one of the mean ones get a hold of a person it takes them whether they are good or bad, rich or poor, famous or unknown!) That is something we have all have seen, some closer than others.

I took the time to inform my sons that as of Oct 17th, I had lived longer than my Dad. Jack e-mailed me back and said now give us 20 more. The way I feel now I can do that.
Most of you that read the Blog know Sherry and I live a mobile life. At present we are in Florida with all the old folks. More are showing up daily as it cools off in the North Country. Canadians and New Englanders are showing up. Wisconsin and Minnesota are next. Although some of those OLD folk spend their winter in Texas. I don’t know if stress takes its toll on you guys that stay behind or not but we rest better I think. I have mentioned it before, probably too often, but if I remain in NC, close to the family, I tend to want to run their lives. I can’t keep my nose out of their business. I want to fix everything. It has taken awhile, but it finally got through to me, if they want advice they will ask. And also, in this life we make our own mistakes and a big part of life is working through them. I think that is good advice, I just cannot assimilate it into my psyche.
Texican border or Florida? That is the question asked me a lot. I think the Snow Bird is more welcome on the border. Florida has become more tourist oriented and the Snowbird is getting in the way just a little. I just heard from Joan. She and Dick stay around Yuma in the winter. I think she is getting ready to go. I don’t think Dick wants to go until it gets too cold to golf out there in Utah. BTW they are the other Great-Grandparents of Elsie Mae.
I haven’t said anything yet, but I am out of space. Thanks for coming this way!
Nite Shipslog
**** After a three year government funded study professors at Harvard have come to the final conclusion: Everyone must be somewhere at all times!
***Without a government study I have discovered this Truth:
‘When you are old you should never pass up a chance to use the bathroom.”


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!
we had 2 birthday boys last week, my grandson elijah turned 3 and Jason, the fiance of my April turned 20 on saturday. They had a barbecue but i was not well enough to attend.
I wish i could visit florida or anywhere warm . lol
Best wishes again on your birthday, live long and prosper! jun

betty said...

did I wish you happy birthday? if I didn't, happy belated birthday!

we've lived away from family more than we have lived close by; I'm of the opinion that absence does make the heart grow fonder; it is nice seeing them but leaving them at times and not getting too involved in what goes on in their lives; funny, we live closer now to family and rarely see them; some habits are hard to break


Paula said...

Well happy belated birthday. I agree it is sure hard to keep out of our kids business and what we don't know doesn't hurt us.

shirl72 said...

The things we worry about never
happen and we have spent hours on
solving them in our mind.
Louise and I were talking about our
problems. Mine is my computer and
I can't say hers but is hurts when
she sits starts with H. She is
getting her's fixed for $122.00 medicine and mine no hope for this
computer Now you are 70 don't try to explain. HA.HEE HEE


Jean said...

Happy belated birthday Jack, you are still young. Take care jean

Terri said...

When exactly was your birthday Jack? Happy Birthday!

Another great entry...

I've never been to Florida...but I would love to some day...I've never even seen the ocean can you believe that! =(


Debbie said...

I can't keep from laughing,hahaha. Now I know I'm not the only one who was thinking it was your birthday last week,lol. I hope you get to live another 20 years too. Yeah, nobody likes someone sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong. Probably a good thing for you to get away while the gettin's good, lol.

Janice said...

Well I think I'll follow your blog for a while to see if you travel route 66, my dream route. Hope you do and write a lot about it. Must be heaven traveling all over and taking your home along.