Sunday, October 26, 2008

If I disagree, It does not make me stupid!

Every day you should learn something. It keeps your brain humming. When you quit learning you become a vegetable, or a know it all. Honest no one knows it all. I think I know who should be president, you do to. And it might be a different person. Let’s try not to think each other stupid, just that we have different views.
To try to get someone elected the opposite side will try to put the opposition in the worst light possible. If the press takes on side, the other side has an uphill battle. Sometimes the Movie stars or TV personalities get together to push someone. So do they know more than I do, maybe, but I am not sure.
My favorite Political hero is Ross Perot. I backed him once in a presidential bid. When the press really turned on him I started listening to them and about turned on my own man. Until I stopped to think. The MAN IS NOT STUPID. YOU DO NOT BECOME A BILLIONAIRE BY BEING STUPID. But lesser men in the press made him appear inept, that was unbelievable but they destroyed him.
One of the smartest men that ever ran for president was George Romney. The press turned on him and made him look like a simpleton. The man who took American motors when they were headed down the toilet, and turned them into the third selling auto manufacturer in the world, above Plymouth and just behind Ford and Chevrolet. He even did it without a government loan.
Friend you cannot beat the press. You can buy an hour a day on TV in ads, they have 24 hours a day to destroy you. And yes, we Americans buy into it. I will take one example, Palin. Do you think a simpleton who is not rich, and not a lawyer, can run a campaign and beat a well backed incumbent and become Governor?
There is no way, she is a very smart and savvy lady. So if you are on the other side don’t throw stones and say the woman is just a pretty face, you may not like her, and probably just because she is not of your party. But never think she is a simpleton, I would bet she is not. Find another reason, she is not stupid. I just hate TO see someone maligned, no matter what party.
Crap. I did not mean to get into that. No matter who becomes president, I hope and trust it is the best we ever had. There are some tough decisions to be made we are facing some tough problems. To be honest there is one stand on which both candidates agree, and I disagree LOUDLY, It is illegal immigration. There is no way blanket immunity should be granted. Maybe an official process of some kind with the present rules for immigrants being used, but not blanket immunity. I did not like it when McCain joined with Teddy K. on the last immigration bill. I thought it was wrong. Enough said.
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Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

*****You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.

*****Enforce the gun control laws we ALREADY have; don't make more.

******When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.


shirl72 said...

You are on a roll today. It is not long before
we will know who our President will be. They say a person doesn't have experience. Can you take a course in College(PRESIDENT l & 2) and get credit? It does seem like the Press gets together and decide lets get this person.


Sandra said...

the press are just people like us...... don't tell me you weren't shocked and a little angry when he picken Palin..... I was and so was just about everyone I talked to and the press sort of agreed didn't they lol its been interesting and lots of fodder for sat night live

Glendy said...

The liberal press has gone really overboard with
the slanted criticism and mockery of the McCain
and Palin team. I believe we'll look back and view the reporting in this election as the most despicable in history. It will be good to have it over.

jun said...

hey jack! you know i count on you to keep me straight and keep me thinkin g as far as what is going on in the world.
otherwise i probably would float up to the clouds, lol
i like the way you challenge us all to see through the flapdoodle{our sugerbe's word}lol

Paula said...

I listen to John rave and rant, I view bits and pieces on TV, I read your blog. I think I don't like politics. lol

Debbie said...

I agree, they have done nothing but thrown stones at her from day one. I read a headline here on CNN more than a month ago where they were already stating who had won this victory. The media whether it be on tv or online does have it's influence on folks and we all know everything they say isn't always the facts.

betty said...

totally agree with you, Jack; my husband said (and I'm sure he got it from some place just can't remember where) that there are 4 branches of government; executive, judicial, legislative and the media. The media has been totally biased from about day 1 against one party and for another; well except for Fox news; they seem to have a bit more objectivity.

glad to see this election winding down