Friday, September 11, 2009


When I was a child the words spoken I remember most was
“Remember Pearl Harbor”
When My Dad was a child born (1903) he would have remembered hearing,
“Remember the Maine.” The sinking of the Maine happened 1898, in Havana Harbor. The battle cry after that was, “Remember the Maine, To Hell with Spain!” It was shortened to “Remember the Maine!”
Since 1836 Americans have heard and repeated,
“Remember the Alamo”.
Texian forces fought and defeated Santa Anna under the battle cry, “Remember Goliad and Remember the Alamo!”
Texans know Goliad, most of us only remember the Alamo. Goliad was the site of a terrible massacre of over 300 Texian POW’s by Santa Anna. The prisoners thinking they were being set free, were marched outside the fort and shot at point blank range under the ‘Triplicate printed orders’ of Santa Anna. Some escaped to inform Sam Houston, therefore the heated battle cry!
Now in our lifetime we have watched in horror as the twin towers collapsed killing 2,750, A plane was taken down that was headed for the white house or our capital building by heroes aboard, that plane crashed near Shanksville, PA. While the twin tower burned a plane crashed into the Pentagon. All totaled 2,993 people were killed mostly civilians.
Then we watched an interview or tape of Osama Bin Laden smiled and claimed credit for this great victory. I screamed inside when he smiled and said, “The results were much better than we had hoped, Praise be to Allah.”
Americans began to say “Remember 9/11”.
Some folks have forgotten how they felt seeing the towers collapse and hearing this man say, “This was good!”
I haven’t forgotten. The ‘War on Terrorism’ was launched.

Our present administration has changed the name, we no longer say ‘War on terrorism’. WE might offend.

You may be offended by our CIA’s tactics of interrogation. You may say we use torture, please do not be upset if I defend our intelligence gathering folks. I want to say this:
Making someone ‘think’ they are drowning, is not torture.
Making someone ‘think’ you are going to execute them, is not torture.
Embarrassing someone by exposing their nudity is not torture.
Disrespecting the Koran is not torture.
Sleep deprivation is not torture.

Ask some of the enemies of the USA, some have been experts in torture.
Torture is threatening to kill a man, and doing it.
Exposing the nudity of a man and then cutting off extremities is Torture.
Dragging a man through streets, breaking his legs and his arms is torture.
Slowly cutting a man’s head off is torture. Pulling fingernails is torture. Being fed through a tree chipper feet first and coming out hamburger meat in front of your family (Saddam) is torture. Watching to see how long it takes a person to starve to death is torture. Watching a man freeze to death and measuring his blood pressure as he does, is torture. I could go on. There are much more gruesome things that have been done to Americans. If you need help, look it up.
Americans have NEVER sanctioned what is truly Torture. WE are trying to fight to prevent the repeat of 9/11.

Our president didn’t see it this way when he was running for office. He said he would stop this useless war on Terrorism, because it was going the wrong direction. Afghanistan is the place to fight he said, so we are. Now men are dying in Afghanistan and who is yelling? No one much, because this is a good war. I am on his side, I think his idea is right, but…… What is the alternative. Has it helped?

We have not had another great tragedy here on American soil and it is not an accident. I did not back every action President Bush took. I read on this very Forum how Bush was a crook, a liar, a cheat, and so many names I don’t remember them all. Some were so mad they could eat nails. Many were glad when a man threw his shoe, not words, at the President of the USA.

But he did something. The Terrorists knew we meant business. Now some Americans have forgotten how you felt watching the twin towers go down. Seeing the folks breathe the dust and choke. Just remember it has not happened again.
Remember 9/11. (I haven’t begun to say what I think about torture and terrorism)
Thanks for reading.
Nite Shipslog
God Bless America, God Bless our Troops.
Would your views on waterboarding change, if using it would find your child before it was tortured of killed? Would you feel different if it prevented a terrorist attack? Would you feel different if it saved your life?


shirl72 said...

Well said. We were talking about that today.
How many American Soldiers have lost their life fighting so we can have the freedom to express our opinion just like you did. GOD BLESS OUR BOYS WHO ARE THERE SO I CAN BE FREE. We didn't get our freedom by someone just waving a baton.


Anonymous said...

boy said it all brother...and nicely to...and it always amazes me that someone who is on the inside looking out (like our Prez???) seem to always have the right answers??? not no no....!!! hugs from Ora in KY...and PS Jack...did you really call Sherry a cow????? opps!!!! PPS...I think a rose or two might clear the air a bit LOLOLOL....

Lucy said...

If I say much I could get in trouble so I will say I do remember the bodies hitting the ground and that horrible day. I do feel our president (and he is President like it or not) is keeping us safe as Bush did. I for one do not feel that there should be so much disrespect for him as has been clearly seen on CNN. Lay the blame where it belongs and that is a Bush and Cheney . We should have never gone to war in Iraq in the first place. Like you said we do have freedom of speech. THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. We do live in a country that is much better than others. I have probably said more than I should but it is just my opinion.

Woody said...

Good points, well stated!!!! No, we will not forget 9-11!!!!

Paula said...

I appreciate this serious entry and glad you and I and everyone are free to speak. On a day like today I'm not even going to comment on you calling Shelly Marie Sherry.

betty said...

totally agree with what you wrote, Jack.


Lucy said...

Glad we got everything straight. You and I and Shirl all have our opinions and you know what?? the best part of it is to say what we think and if a misunderstanding happens, clear it up. I love the picture of the babies but I think Sherry is on the right.

Rose said...

Great Post......well written.