Saturday, September 26, 2009

WE overnighted in Christiansburg, VA. The trip is to be all Interstate from now to the Belmont, NC exit. However what you are seeing below is the Beautiful Virginia country side. I am off the interstate for a unplanned sight seeing tour.

That is that you see below, no it is above us. That is the interstate. We have crossed it many times, looking down here. This is neat. (Sherry doesn't think so, She thinks I am lost).

That is why she picked up the camera and started taking pictures. No I am not taking pictures on a country road.
Now we have went under the Interstate and we are looking back where we were supposed to be.

Oh well, I know exactly where I am going. (The Girl in the box (As Paula called her) is telling me it is not much farther. Just up this steep hill.)

Now see how simple that was. Ten miles through the country and we are back on the interstate headed for North Carolina.

We are climbing into Fancy GAP between NC and VA. on I-77 above.

Now going down the South side headed for NC. If you have never seen this, It is a runaway Truck ramp. If the trucker loses his brakes he can steer straight ahead. the ramp is composed of sand, and straight up the Mt. as you can see. That will stop you!

Now as promised by Jill, the girl in the Box, here is North Carolina.
We arrived at Shirl's RV Park. She had increased the rates, but had added some benefits. Tomatoes and a 1/2 gal or muscadines. Some mail had also arrived. A book I had ordered, "A Boy Called It". Have you read it or heard of it? WOW I started on it last night. What a horriffic story. It is the story of the worst child abuse case in California. The family was living in Daly City, CA. It is depressing. If you did not know the ending it would be much worse. The Boy lived to write his story.
I have not done anything on the computer but read. Since it thinks it is full. I had to guess at the pictures above because I could not see what I was clicking.
Josh is coming over to look at the computer. Our son Jack came over for a visit so I didn't get on line with HP. The visit was much more important.
Nite Shipslog
More later..... But we are South and it is raining, but not like you guys in GA & AL.


shirl72 said...

As usually good pictures. You didn't tell Sherry was driving the Motor Home while you were taking the pictures. That girl can do anything. Brother you be so lucky. Glad JJ has taken up golf. We have some golf clubs downstairs, as a matter of fact we have tennis rackets, croquet, frisbies, bocce and ping pong. We are ready to take up any sport... who me at my age.


Lucy said...

must get a comment in to you. Can't figure out if you can read comments or not since you are having a problem with your computer. Beautiful scenery. Shirl said you would be arriving home and she would let you in because of sweet Sherri. So you actually got a real tomato. Good for you for having a sister that was kind enough to save you some.

Paula said...

Did you go anywhere near Fort Belvoir? I've been there but I don't know my geography. It was pretty there too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack & Sherry! The photo of the runaway lane is amazing! I've never actually seen one, scary to think they are so necessary! Glad you made it safe, I hope your computer gets back on track soon! :)

Sheila Y said...

I first saw the runaway lanes when we were moving to Washington state. Love the scenery. When Shirl gets you locked down in her new and improved RV park, you won't be able to skip out without paying this time... :D
Have a great weekend and don't get into too much mischief. Sheila
I got some scuppernongs off my vines yesterday and was comparing to the ones I bought. The skin on mine seem thinner, which is a good thing.
Take care...

Helen said...

I have seen a runaway truck ramp but it was in TN. It would make me feel so sad to read about child abuse or any kind of abuse, people or animals. It is storming where I am in AL right now. Helen

betty said...

glad you got to your destination safe and sound; I'm sure it was great to see Shirl again (so you can tease her in person, I would imagine) as well as your grandson/son

the pictures of your trip, as always, are so breath taking


Jean said...

Jack and Sherry, I've enjoyed the pictures of your trip glad you made it back okay. I'm sure your grandson will have your computer back running great in know time, and wishing you a late Happy Anniversary, Jean

~mel said...

I was out blog hopping and just happened on to yours. What a wonderful thing you are doing by traveling and sharing it with those less fortunate to do so. Keep it up! and Happy travels!!

Debbie said...

Okay, let me see if I've got this were 2 timing on Sherry with your girlfriend Jill and she lead you astray. Instead of listening to your wonderful wife Sherry you listened to Jill and she lead you down the beaten path in the wrong direction. Shame on you Jack, shame on you! Sherry has been faithful to you for 53 years and you should know by now when she speaks your only response should be, "Yes, dear!", HAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously, I'm glad you & Sherry had a safe trip home and Shirl unlocked the gates to her RV park to welcome you back with her homegrown tomatoes and those grape looking things. You have a great sister! I know all of the family was happy to see ya'll.

We've had quite a bit of rain this week too. Last Sunday we had to wiggle our way around to get home because the streets in town were flooded but it was nothing compared to the devastation all of these other folks are dealing with.

You've been doing a great job with putting the pictures on your blog by using your memory to decribe them. I hope your grandson can get your computer up and running properly. And you're right, spending time with your family is much more important than a computer. I enjoy my computer as much as anyone does and love some of the people I've met on blogs but the reality is my family comes first. Some folks don't seem to understand that.

Love & Hugs

robert said...

Nearly a decade since I got lost last, what a nice memory. Wishing you all the very best for the start of the new week.

Jean said...

I hope you aren't sick with the flu. Miss you hurry back.

shirl72 said...

Brother give the computer 2 aspirins and call
the geek squad in the morning.