Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You what? The newly wed differences!!! were there any?

Our wedding picture taken with a Brownie hawkeye and developed by Jack RAbbit.
She had to want this deliquent.
Here is the prize!!!!

Last night I was thinking how wonderful our marriage has been (over all). We have had a couple bumps in the road, but over all it has been a great ride through life. There is a lot of give and take. A lot of learning in the process of Two becoming one. I heard some one say, I hope the young couple put as much time in planning the marriage as they did planning the wedding. There is a lot of truth there.

Sherry was the youngest in her family to get married and I was the youngest person ever in our family to get married. I was 17. I had good grades in school when I went. But I gained a lot of hours in detention hall. Mostly for skipping school. I think I set a record for that number because I skipped detention hall also. Anyway I solved that problem by joining the USMC. Looking back at my short history, I did not show much promise for a girl to take as a husband. But she did.

Sherry was a stay at home wife for the first while so she done the cooking and housekeeping. Me Man, bring home the groceries. Top salary $78 a month. HA! But on a budget we made it.

What brought this all up was at breakfast one morning I finished my grits, bacon and ‘runny’ eggs. I sopped my plate clean with one of our canned biscuits. I put a hunk of butter in the center and spooned some jelly on the butter and commenced to use my fork to mix it all up.
“What are you doing?” she looked shocked.
“I’m fixing my butter and jelly to eat,” I answered in amazement. “What does it look like?”
She did not say what she thought it looked like but I could tell from the look it did not look like food. “That is not how you eat butter and jelly, you put the butter in the biscuit while it is hot so it melts then put the jelly in the biscuit. That is how we did it at home.”
“Well at our house this is the only way I have ever seen it eaten,” I said, trying to look as hurt as possible.

That is so funny. We talked about a lot of things before we got married, but never discussed butter and jelly. Ha! I salted my watermelon, apples and cantaloupe, Sherry does not.

Did you have any funny things happen because of family differences when you were first married?

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It is ten thousand times better to be single and want to marry, than to be married and want to be single.


Melanie said...

I like salt and pepper on my


shirl72 said...

I don't salt anything, I don't need to give
you a health lesson after eating that breakfast.
Arteries here come the food to clog them.
You know me I be funny and finicky. I am little
like our older brother Jun. Mother always said
we were from the LLOYDS OF LONDON. I will confess I have not been that good at eating
habits. The gang goes out to eat all the time.


Helen said...

That was funny about the way you ate breakfast. Like you I salt the three things you do. I also like buttered biscuit with my cantaloupe (salted and peppered) for breakfast. I was also 17 when I married the first go round, so was my mother and grandmother. That was to young for me much less a man. Helen

Sheila Y said...

We must be family...ha. That's the way my family mixed butter and jelly or syrup and butter. My kids do too but not hubby. I salt watermelon or cantelope but not apple, may have to try it. Last but not least I was 23 when I married. Hope you are having fun, Sheila

Lucy said...

My computer went screwy, just like me. no salt or pepper on my cantalope or watermelon but I love it on my tomatoes!!!! Take each day and make the most of it but I do not blame Sherry for looking at you like you were on another planet.

Paula said...

John tells me his mother got married at 13. That just shocks me as that is just a child. I wasn't allowed to even date until I was 16. When I was about to turn 16 my Mama told me now young lady just because you are turning 16 doesn't mean you are going out all time. lol I got married at 19 and Mel was 21.

Debbie said...

I love those pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Well,yes, I have a story. When I was younger Mom would cook a dish called Mexican Rice and we all loved it. When we got married and trying to stretch our money as far as it would go I thought about that recipe and made a batch. When Gary came home from work he looked at it and said, "What the hell is that!", if looks could kill he'd have died on the spot. I didn't have to say a word, he ate it, hahaha. I haven't cooked it since,lol. After that it took him 18 years of marriage to tell me he liked grilled cheese with homemade chili instead of a peanut butter sandwich and that he could eat homemade veggie soup when I fixed it but he didn't really care for it(I won't tell you what he said it reminds him of,lol.) I asked him why it took him so many years to tell me and he laughed and said he was afraid to after the look on my face the day I made that rice dish, hahaha. He tells everybody that's the reason he married me,'cause he knew I was a good cook, lol. He's easy to cook for but there are some things I like that he won't eat so I don't cook it.

I love fruit but I seldom buy it because Gary seldom eats any of it. I like salt on watermelon, apples & cantaloupe, too.

Love & Hugs

P.S. I enjoyed all of your entries while you were hiking. I'm glad you & Sherry are back in your home and safe now. It looked awful rough from where I'm sitting.

betty said...

loved to see your wedding pictures!! cute story too! marriage truly is an adjustment as two people try to take their traditions and upbringing and mesh it all together and make their own traditions in the process; amazing that we actually do pull it together and succeed year after year after year :)


Rose said...

I love your story! You have a wonderful marriage and I'm so happy for both of you. The best part is that you both appreciate what you have with each other.

You put salt on your watermelon, apples & cantaloupe??? I've never heard of that before.

It is ten times better to be married than to be single!

Hugs, Rose