Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another moving day

It is going to be impossible to make it home for the funeral, so we are going to unwind in Kentucky for a couple days, then go home to N. Carolina. Breaking 'CAMP' in the rain is no fun, today was just that. WE left work late last night, got on some real back roads looking for Johnny CAsh's boyhood home. Finally got down to two ruts and had to turn around. The combines were working all night by light, because of the impending rain. It came. We did not find Johnny's house last night.

We decided on a whim (like we do many times) to try it again. Only this time we are driving sixty feet of motor home and van. We cannot do any U turns. We found it.
The house above was Johnny's childhood home. Funnny thing, Hazel told us where it was as we toured the Painted house. She said the guy that owned it now would charge you $5 to take a picture. Well. I stopped the motor home in the road, Sherry opened the door and took the picture in the rain. LOL

Sherry got us back on the road even though Jill (Paula's girl in a box) kept telling her we were wrong. But we made it back out on the rainy highway.

Crossing the Mississippi back into Tennessee.

Memphis Skyline in the rain, coming in from West Memphis Arkansas.

Sherry snapped this picture of St. Judes Children's Hospital, DAnny Thomas's main charity. It is a great place and a good dream.

We passed Nashville (Yelled at Sonya) and drove on into Kentuck.

There was plenty of beautiful color. The rain ceased a good ways before we reached Nashville. We fueled in the Sunshine. Of course it cost our 'First Born' for the fuel. LOL

Some more color.

Finally see a sign for Mammoth Cave. It isn't far to our destination.

Our destination, Diamond CAverns. Now we can dig up some diamonds and get the money to pay for the fuel and get our first born back. LOL

We signed in and drove into the RV park. I think this is the redest(?) bush I have ever seen.

Now we reach the park.

Friendly looking place, folks visiting in the road.

WE got parked under a beautiful tree, It is 'too late to cook' so we head out for a Veggie lover's Pizza in CAve City.
Thanks for taking the trip with us. Maybe we can see some Kentucky Bloggers whilest(?) we are here. That would be great.
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*******I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older. Then, it dawned on me. They were cramming for their finals.As for me, I'm just hoping God grades on the curve.
******Enjoy Your D ays & Love Your Life, Because life is short and a journey to be savored.


Sheila Y said...

That looks like a beautiful area. I couldn't figure out Sherry's expression in the picture...was she blowing you a kiss or explaining how to do something...? Ha.. Have a great time, Sheila

Paula said...

I would have to go back to find Johnny Cash's house too. Now when you dig those diamonds you go right back there and pay that man his $5.00. Wonder how much he would charge to take a peek inside? That was funny.

shirl72 said...

What a beautiful drive. Hope you get to see
your friends while you are there. We are having
warm weather maybe a sprinkle this afternoon.
That is because I washed my car. Get a sign
will work to pay for gas and look pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry...well if you get close enough to Lexington...give us a call...we will meet for lunch...supper...brunch...early breakfast LOLOL...or just pie and coffee!!! it is raining here what else is new LOLOL...hugs from where you are...Kentucky...and ps...that red red bush you saw is called "a burning bush"....!!!

Debbie said...

Welcome to Kentucky, Jack & Sherry!

I see Ora's already told ya what the bush is. Ain't they pretty this time of year? Our neighbor has a couple of them, they stay green until this time of year.

I know exactly where you're at way down yonder. Been a long time since we've been to that area. I'm more directionally challenged than Jill and don't remember how to get there but you're about 80 miles from us & about 30/35 miles from Bowling Green, I don't remember how to get there either, hahaha. If I ever did any travelling I'd be lost before I ever got started, lol.

I don't know how good your veggie pizza was but last time we were there they had the best pizza buffet of any PH we've ever been to. (Didn't want to name to place cause there's new blogging laws about products and you're supposed to disclose in a disclaimer whether you're getting paid to advertize products/companies or not.) Ain't that a crock of ****!

It rained here all night with an 80 percent chance today and windy so I assume you're probably getting it too. Gonna get awful wet digging for diamonds in them there hills and probably gonna be disappointed when all ya find is lumps of coal, lol. I hope it quits raining so ya can get out and enjoy a bit of the Kentucky countryside.


PS: Do they still have the teepee's? We wanted to stay in one of those but when we were there they were all booked up. That's where my brother and his wife stayed for their honeymoon years ago.

Lucy said...

Loved the pictures and we are so old time country music we could not have passed Johnny Cashes house. Compared to where he lived when he died he cane a long way. We have had rain and more rain and cold. Brady up near the Dakotas got 12 inches of snow, yesterday.

Anonymous said...

May you have always a safe road ahead of you !

A wonderful weekend for you all !