Sunday, October 18, 2009

Still in Arkansas

Just had to put these pictures of Sherry's Great Grand daughter Elsie Mae posted by her DAD and my buddy Benjamin Aaron DArnell on his face book. We were thrilled to learn that Ben is attending College, studying 'Criminal Justice'. (Probably wants to understand his grandpa!)
Here she is with her friend and her doll! I knew you were staying awake at night wondering how fast she was growing. WE WILL go to see her next year. We would fly them out, but her dad just does not like to fly. (Remember Ben all you have to do is say it we will fly you guys out for a visit!)
Today's exciting entry!!!!!!!

To keep from being shot at and hit I will make a short entry to say we are still in Arkansas. WE are in Jonesboro pop near 60 thousand. Nice size town. We drove down to Lepanto for church with Chris Stiles, pastor of ‘Real Pointe Church’. It was a good service. Chris’s Dad is the music director and did a good job. We met some great folk there. They are appreciative of what we are doing of course.

I like Chris’s style of delivery. If I could hear just a little better I could understand him. I got maybe 30% of what was said.
After church we talked about some more of the things they would like to have done. Hang a door and find a couple leaks in the roof, easier said than done, but we will give it the old college try.
Hang some outside speakers, change a few lights and add an outlet.
I loved the wall paper in the small bathroom. I must get a picture tomorrow. It looks like brown paper bags. It is great. Probably been around for awhile but we missed it, since we have lived under a rock for the last 20 years.

Folks this is really country. There ain’t no way you would be passing through Lepanto going anywhere. There are many small towns in this area in the same fix. Agriculture has grown and mechanized. The many hands once needed aren’t needed anymore. Some of the towns are really run down and actually look like dumps to many folks way of thinking. But this is home to those souls, and I don’t blame them for staying.
We toured Trumann today, a big town of 6000+ souls. Many dead stores down town, and a real run down trailer park that we drove through hoping to see an opening, alas there were none.
Thanks for coming by, if I think about it I will include pictures of what we are doing. Thanks for coming by the log, lets be ready to go to work tomorrow.
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betty said...

oh my gosh! Elsie Mae has grown so much! she's soooo adorable!


Paula said...

Awww I can tell you don't like that little girl very much. So cute! Its nice of you and Sherry to do these things that need to be done for the people.

shirl72 said...

Elsie Mae is growing so fast. You better be
careful up on the roof you not are not 16 anymore. I know they appreciate what you are
doing to help. It sure sounds like you are in the boonies. It would be nice to be able to
park closer to where you are working. Maybe
one of the people will move. You are going to
have more stars in your crown than me. I think
I have lost some of mine not a surprise. LOL


Debbie said...

Elsie Mae is getting so big, it seems like she was just a baby a few weeks ago. She's a cutie!

Taking a leisurely drive through the countryside is relaxing. We used to do that and we don't travel much but when we did Gary would always take backroads so we could go through little towns. It makes the trips more enjoyable.

Be careful up on that roof. Don't want ya getting injured.


Anonymous said...

I am a small town kind of gal for sure! As I was driving through P.E.I. on my way to the cottage, I remember saying to myself "there are so many towns here!". Just little clusters of people, with a church, gas station and maybe a few stores, post office and pharmacy. I loved it actually!

Sheila Y said...

Hard to believe Elsie Mae is already walking, doesn't seem like it has been that long...well I assume she is walking since she is standing at the playground. Hope you are able to find a parking spot closer to where you are working. Take care, we don't want you getting hurt, Sheila

Helen said...

Cute little girls. I hope you can get that work done without getting hurt. Maybe the church would let you part in their parking lot a couple of days. Helen

Anonymous said...

Now be safe if you ae going to be crawling around on the roof...maybe they should hire a roofer to do that work...seems you are having a good time otherwise..Sherry sounds a bit like me...a drink...a good book...a bit of sewing...and I am happy most anywhere LOLOL..sounds like you really are in the boonies...but I like places like that...hugs from Ora in KY

Anonymous said...

PS...and the little girls are so cute...and that doll just makes the picture even better...!!

Anonymous said...

Compared to Athens I am from a small village with many cows and the ability to steal corn during fall, eating apples right upon the tree.

Hope you are having a good time and that all is fine. Interesting quotes as well.
A wonderful Tuesday for all.

Terri said...

Elsie Mae is really growing ~ too that she had her little doll sitting beside her :)