Saturday, October 31, 2009

We had only one tricker. This Cowgirl stopped by. We didn't have any candy ready, she was early.LOL

Shirl and Smokey were taking his grand daughter on the road tonight. I am sure they will have fun. We are beat after a LONG day. the work is fun this time. We had a BIG bon fire until the rain came. We are supposed to be cold tomorrow. Today was beautiful.

We had NO trick of treaters.

Gonna try to post this before it dies again.
NIte Shipslog.

Observations on Growing Older --- ORA

~What used to be freckles are now liver spots.

~Everybody whispers.

~Now that your husband has retired'd give anything if he'd find a job!

~~~~But old is good in some things:...old songs...old movies, And best of all, OLD FRIENDS!

Send more ORA I am out!


betty said...

I don't think you had a tricker but you definitely had a treat with Shirl being so nicely decked out! we've had 7 trick and treaters so far (it is 8:40 p.m. our time) and I have tons of candy left......


Paula said...

Shirl looks so cute. We didn't have near as many trick or treaters as usual. Cowboy Fellowship had a big party for anyone who wanted to come.

Debbie said...

Shirl's the snazziest lookin' Cowgirl I've ever seen and her horse sure has a shiny black coat. I'm sure the little one had a great time wrestling up her herd of candy. Maybe she'll share with ya since you ain't got any or if you have a hankering for candy run on over to Walmart early this morning and you can get Halloween candy dirt cheap.

We were visited by a Gypsy, Monster, Zombie, Princess & Little Red Riding Hood. They made off like bandits with M&M's, Snickers, Milky Ways, Twix & Chocolate Chip cookies. But they didn't get away with all the loot cause the old foggies hid some of the treasures. The princess & gypsy buzzed off into the sunset with a Queen Bumble Bee & a big pink Whoopi Cushion.

I hope you get some much needed rest today and your signal gets better.

Love & Hugs

Lucy said...

That trick or treater is the best looking one I have ever seen. We had no trick or treaters. So Joe has a BUNCH OF CANDY TO EAT. Hope things get better for you, signals and all.

Bookncoffee said...

Well, I feel old...Hubby can't understand me and I cannot understand him (see blog entry). lol

I don't know about the liver spots...but my muscles are feeling it!

Hope you all have a fun week and keep warm. I truly enjoy all your visits to my blog. Thank you so much for your comments. They lift me up. Big hugs to you and your wonderful other half.

shirl72 said...

Well had a good time only got treats and didn't have to play a single trick. I was beat started at 5:00 until 9:00. It was little ones and they had to get home and go to bed. We had from age 6 months to 14. Almost ran out of candy we had so many.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack..I don't have any more...but you will be the first to get what I get LOLOL...and the only "treat" this gal wants is for the Phillies to win the World Series...gonna be hard tho...they are trailing...hope Sherry is enjoying the books...I am the ones I is chilly here today and tomorrow doesn't look much better....LOL..oh well...I so enjoy my Monday days...and just think...only 25 more days until Tgiving!!!!! wow....LOLOL...hugs to ya both...Ora and hubby

Anonymous said...

Pretty cowgirl! :)