Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sherry got a quick shot of the Martin Castle going into Lexington. I read that Rex martin and his wife honeymooned in Europe where they fell in love with Castles. Returned to build this one. The were divorced before it was finished and according to what I read no one has ever really lived in it. (Must have been about wall paper, I hear that is the test of a marriage, hanging wall paper together. LOL) True or not I don't know. But I didn't give Sherry much warning to get the shot.
Then we came up on this sign, a road dedicated to my favorite horse in the world. Man 0 War.

This is our good bye shot of Ora and Mixon. You gotta love them, and like them too. We headed on down towards Tennessee. The weather was good

We did not plan it, but we traveled in the Peak foliage season. We got some beautiful views.

We over nighted in Tennessee on I-81 and it started raining. We had to bypass the rock slide on I-40. I love these low hanging clouds in the mountains. We were in rain most of the way home.

Sherry is shooting between wiper wipes. Notice her orange pumpkin bear, her Thanksgiving/halloween decoration.

This didn't come out real great but better than expected in the rain. That house is on a big clift.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The Holiday in Express! Doesn't mean anything to you does it? WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL let me tell you! The Appalatchian trail is just down the road a mile or so. WE spent the night here while hiking the AT. It was our 47th wedding anniversary. I had carried a card and string of pearls in my back pack for the occasion. WE had a GGGRRREEEAT Time. So I have a warm place in my heart for the HR EXpress. They had a power failure that night and we didn't even care. That is it. In Irwin, TN.

The pretty views were so many .

This thourgh a rainy windshield.

Welcome to NC, we saw this sign twice. Because we drove through Asheville to I-85 in South CArolina then back into NC via I-85.

I just loved these low lying clouds.

We stopped at the NC Welcome Center and I opened the RV door and shot this pic.

WE are home now. It was raining so hard we drove into Shirl's RV park for a day. Tomorrow we will move to Mark's house to set up camp for a month or so.
This is going to be a test of endurance, his and ours I think.
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Anonymous said...

You are surely able to build a castle of hearts, of which to live in must be of great joy, far from the need of too big a place. Happy anniversary to you two.

Sheila Y said...

Welcome home!! Sounds like you'll be there long enough for turkey... Do you remember a place called 'Frontierland' in Cherokee, NC? We went there once when I was about 14 years old. Take care and stay dry, Sheila

Paula said...

Great shot of Ora and Mixon. I spotted Sherry's Halloween decoration right away. Are you expecting a lot of trick or treaters at your door? Halloween better hurry John and I have already been putting away the candy.

Debbie said...

I was wondering if you got a picture of the castle. It's been a long time since my brother told us the story of the castle but the best I remember he said several years ago part of the castle burnt. I've heard it's being restored into a fancy smancy place for weddings, receptions, and some of the rooms are being fixed up to stay in but it's going to be very expensive to stay there. I'll just have to admire it from the road, hahaha.

Ya'll got some great pictures on your way back home. One of the pictures almost looks like a painting.

I know Shirl was happy to see you guys pulling into her RV park. Best wishes and prayers for endurance for all of you.

Love & Hugs

Helen said...

Great pictures you two got along the way home. Pictures like those mountains just about take your breath away. Such beauty to behold. Helen

betty said...

good to hear you are home (at least for a month or so) interesting story about that castle, sad too

as always, awesome pictures of where you have been, or traveling through, or currently at :)


Lucy said...

Really nice pictures, of the scenery including Ora and Hubby. The trees are so pretty but Joe is so tired of mulching leaves. That plant is a mum and very hardy so a good plant for Nebraska. That was snowed on, frost bit more than once with the buds on it and then when I was out with Spunky I* noticed they were blooming so had to get a picture.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Jack...that couple looks like they were having a good time LOLOL..and about that Castle...well it was built by a couple...divorced as you know...then about five years ago there was an enormous fire...just about gutted the place....and it sat a sad reminder of things gone bad...but one day a knight in shining armor came...paid a bucket of silver and gold for the place...and altho it too alot to time...has turned it into a "fancy smancy" (via Debbie LOL) place...but very ritzy...only the rich will probably ever see the inside ... unless Southern Living shows up on their doorstep!!!!! LOL...and so happy you are home for a while anyway!!!! love and hugs to you both....Ora and hubby

Jean said...

I enjoy the pictures and I bet it was nice visiting with Debbie, Terri and Ora and their husbands looks like you guys were having a great time. Take care, jean

shirl72 said...

Glad you are home. I will keep the park open
in csse the nerves start showing. You can walk
back to the park through the woods and past
Elmers. Everything will be OK I am sure. LOL
I am only a few blocks away. HA HA