Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sherry putting the finishing touches to the shower trim. We took some names off the Grisham house and Sherry called. Hazel and Buddy CArson came out to show us around.
Above is me with a real honest to goodness farmer retired. That is Buddy, he and Hazel were celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary by showing us the house.

This is Sherry and Hazel. I had a pictures of Hazel and Buddy together, but they are missing.

Sherry and I at the cotton display on the front porch.

I love the old Singer in the corner. I can remember severl times my dingers were mashed and interrupted mama'a sewing to pet me. She always liked me better 'n Shirl.

Bread rolling table.

View of the living room

I am showing things that most of you don't consider antiques, cause you have used them.

I had to get a picture of the aprons and the scrub board.

I'll bet some of you still put up vegitables.

This is little Luke's room. The story is told thourgh his eyes. He is the one who wanted his mama to have a painted house.

Mama and daddy's bedroom. Chenelle bedspread and chamber pot .

Sherry palying Amazing GRace!

Me sitting on the one holer looking at the brazziers in the sears catalog.
This happened to be our last day in Arkansas. We depart in the morning. hirl called to say our Sis-in-law appssed away. As we get older we can't get far with out a doctor's appt or a funeral to attend.
We must stop by Kentucky o our way home. We will not make it for the funeral, Mozelle was nearly 84.
Thanks for comig by the log.
Nite Shipslog. I B tired agin.
Observations on Growing Older --- ORA

~It's harder to tell navy from black!

~Yellow becomes the big!

~Going out is good. Coming home is better!

~When people say you look "Great"...they add "for your age"!


Helen said...

Those pictures of the inside and outside of the farmhouse were great. You don't see many wood walls inside a house these days. My daughter has refinished my Grandmothers/Mothers old treadle sewing machine. I have used it also. It is beautiful under all those layers of old dark varnish. A beautiful light oak finish.
My condolences to the family on the death of your Sister In Law. Helen

Lucy said...

The treadle sewing machine was what made my flour sack underwear and all of the mending and patching. Great to see the interior. So sorry for the loss of a family member.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry...sorry about the loss of your family member...but 84...a good long life!! and the pictures were great...and yes..the rice paddies are interesting...and you be safe on the way home...God Bless...hugs...Ora

Sheila Y said...

So sorry about your sister-in-law. Have a safe trip home. Loved seeing the pictures. Take care, Sheila

Lucy said...

I just revisited this and my mom wore those aprons, and she used a wahboard and I hate to admit it but I skinned my knuckles on ours and got excused cause I quote "she didn't want blood on her clothes."

Debbie said...

My deepest sympathy to all of you with the loss of your sister in law. I'm sure it's hard when your on the road knowing you can't be there with the rest of the family.

I don't can veggies but my sister does. I sure wish I had all those homemade goodies sitting in my cabinet.

So you're headed to Kentucky, huh? The rain just follows you everywhere you go. From the looks of the weather map it's getting ready to pour down in the here in the boonies. I hope you've had a safe day of traveling.