Friday, October 9, 2009

Truth is, I lost this entry, the recorded one is another replacement.

Remembering Katrina. Above is a crew that had just arrived from Washington, State. There are some wonderful people in the United States of America. When tragedy strikes, anywhere on the globe you will find American Volunteers.
YOu will find folks willing to donate. Above is several palets of Frozen bread, delivered to Gulfport, Mississippi.

This seems wasteful on the surface. These are clothes, truck loads sent down, for folks to go through. But if youare a size 10 or 32 and you don't find what you can wear, it us useless to you.
It is hard to force folks to wait while you sort out sizes. It must be done later.

More boat damage in the Gulfport area. Katrina was was devastating to New Orleans, but the whole gulf coast caught her wrath.
Replacement entry.....

I just tried to load a good entry, but somehow it died and I lost it.
We made a trip to see My Friend Tuck and his wife Rose. Don & Evelyn accompanied us we had a good trip. The Tuckers live on Badin Lake this week.
Tuck has been listless the last few weeks and they cannot find what the problem is. He says is he is getting better as time goes on.

They live in a gated community. We all had to show our picture ID to get in the gate. Then we had to wait until Tuck came up to accept us. He came up in a golf cart and signed for us. Of course he could smell the KFC and knew if he did not sign us in, he would not get any. LOL

It was a good trip up and back with our good friends and fellow travelers, Don & /Evelyn. We usually get to Florida before them, but this year they will probably beat us there. We are unsettled as to our plans.
But that is the life of Gypsies. We follow the strongest wind, which is our ‘accepted’ journey.

Having lost an entry I am about played out. Thanks for stopping by.
We are in Belmont, NC for a few more days, then to Arkansas.
Nite Shipslog
As the farmer says, “When you find yourself in a hole, QUIT DIGGING?
I quit!


betty said...

yep; and most of those American volunteers might even be Christians :)

yum on the KFC; sorry Tuck was a bit under the weather though :(

I haven't lost entries but I lose comments sometimes, very frustrating!


shirl72 said...

Well you are here and now you are gone. I have
to be let through the gate everytime I go see my
friend. I think that would get old having to
call and tell you are having company and let them in. I have a gate on one side I have to let you through when you return home. Could I be considered living in a gated community. LOL


Debbie said...

I'm glad you had a good visit with friends. I have to agree with Shirl about that would have to get old having to let your friends in. And I don't know anybody in a gated community but I think it would make me feel like I was visiting someone in prison having to show ID to get in. I hope your friend feels better soon, so many rough viruses going around right now.


Terri said...

MMM KFC...hope Tuck feels better soon!

Glad you had a nice visit with friends...


Lucy said...

Glad you had a god visit with friends. You take care and enjoy your trip to Arkansas.