Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We departed Shirl's RV park early. We just about made it out. I thought she was over walking with her friend Deany, Nah there she was book in hand. We only got $200 for staying ther, usually she pays more, but a few folks encourage her to shop. She could open a dress store now, Stuff hanging in her closets with the tags still on them. This shopping is a sickness ladies, you need prayer. LOL (Now if it was tools, it would be different!LOL)

We really did hate to leave at this time, My Sister-in-law, Jessie is in intensive care and Sonny's family is under a lot of stress. I made this committment early in the year, and we are expected in Lepanto, AR on a couple days. WE did make a command decision though, we will go directly back to Belmont after the job in Arkansas.

We are over-nighting in Crossville, TN at the Bean Pot Campground. WE are on Kidney Bean street. Oh, yeah, we ate at the Bean Pot Restaurant also. I had Pintos, onion and cornbread with buttermilk to was it down with. I ended the meal with Molasses and butter with a biscuit. Good Tennessee eating.

We drove through part of the Smokies and Blueridge Mountains. The color is starting to show, of course the pictures do not show the brillance in the sunlight.

We only had one tunnel as you can see it is on a curve all the way through. I love tunnels (Except the Holland Tunnel in NYC you can hardly breathe in it.)

This is Interstate 40, it winds through the mountains from Asheville to Knoxville. Notice the mountains, the road follows the river path weaving in and around the moutains. A beautiful drive.
I tried to up load more pictures but somehow it won't allow me to upload more. One day I will learn the secret.
As we passed through Knoxville, we parked the Motor home at a Walmart, done a little shopping, disconnected the van and went to see our good friends R.E. and Mary. RE is one of the dwindling number of WWII vets. He was on the USS Cresent City, One of the four APA ships called the Unholy Four. They hauled troops in the Pacific without being torpedeoed. RE and Mary aren't doing too well health wise.
Thanks for coming by the log.
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***** A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
*****Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.
***** If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments....


jack69 said...

WE will yell HI! to Sonya as we drive past Nashville tomorrow. On second thought, since she has such great meals, what about supper? Nah, we will be in ARkansas by then..... We will just yell HI!
My blogger would not let me add this to my Blog!
Jack Happy Birthday to the USNAVY 234 yrs young!

shirl72 said...

Well I am glad we have made you feel guilty about leaving us with so many problems. Some
unhappy, this one with family sick, Me with
a complicated boyfrield and leaves falling to deal with. Looks like you had a good drive.
Tell the preacher you have a lot of depressed
friends back home that need canceling. Sheila
and Paula said you would try to get out without
paying. I wanted to cry but I didn't want to ruin my makeup with black streaks from my eyeliner running down my face. So I will try
to keep everybody happy until you return. Don't worry about us.



Debbie said...

Well, Shirl's comment makes me want to cry. I'm sure it was hard on you and Sherry leaving at this time and I'm glad you will be going back in a few days.

I read a blogger who lives in Crossville but I've never left a comment. She shares some beautiful pictures of hikes she and her hubby have gone on visiting waterfalls and various things in the area where they live too.

Terri is in Nashville tonight at another concert. Most of the folks that I know that travel that area try to bypass Nashville itself because of all the traffic & constant road construction in the area. My nephew and his wife live in the Winchester TN area but I can't remember the name of the town.

I'm glad you were able to visit with friends on the way to your destination. I'm sure ya'll made their day a little brighter.

I hope you have a safe trip and don't have to deal with all the rain headed this direction.

Love & Hugs

Paula said...

Don't be making Shirl ruin her make-up. Happy birthday to the USnavy. My brother was in the navy. When he got out my mama made me a pair of white short shorts from one of his uniforms. That was some good material. lol

Sheila Y said...

R.E. and Mary? That is Hubby's Dad and Mom's name. Kind of funny...ha. But they don't live in TN. I know I-40 well from Memphis to OK City. Drive careful...glad Shirl was waiting on you this morning, now me, her and Paula can go shopping... :) Take care, Sheila

betty said...

hugs to all; tough times seems to be all around you with family and friends! got to say though the pictures are beautiful!


Lucy said...

When family ages or dear friends it is tough, You should have helped Shirl with her leaves. Sheila and I were going to do a snow dance and me the scare the alcoholic dance, and I would be naked except for the wrinkles but Shirl asked us not to because she was aftraid she might have a heart attack before she could gey yhe leaves taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Hey now...you are passing thru my part of the world...it is pretty isn't it..and that I40 in the smokies...we drive that when we go to Lake Juneluska (a methodist conference center) and I know you are having bummer weather...it has rained all day here....very gloomy too...I am checking for fins and scales tonight during my shower LOLOL...and it is quite cool...my sweatshirt feels good...I hate turning on the heat...this cool air is good...how be it WET!!! be safe now...and prayers for you and the family...God Bless...hugs...Ora