Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Painted HOuse, by John Grisham

WE are working in a small town called Lepanto, Ark. Have you ever heard of it? Nah, probably not. Until I met the pastor of a small church on the net I hadn't either.
Gotta eat, having pintos and corn bread. Be right back. gonna put this on so I don't lose it. ................... Now I am back.... Sherry also had lettuce slaw, it was delicious.

This shot was taken about three miles from Lepanto. I believe the yellow topped crop is rice. I will check around. I have never seen rice grown. But I do know that is one of the crops of the delta.
If you like John Grisham, you remember the book called 'A painted House'. It is semi-biographical of John's life. Many rural houses are never painted. My GRandpa's house was never painted. It seemed a waste of money, since the wood lasted just as long, It usually aged either light brown, black or a gray. This book is about a ten year old boy who wants to pick enough cotton to paint their house, because his mama wanted just once in her life to live in a painted house.

Driving into Lepanto, Sherry said there is a sign that says, 'A Painted House'. Do you think that could be the house John Grisham wrote about?

Well sure enough it was. That was the house that was used in the movie and it was filmed in Lepanto, Ark. What a bonus being here. John is one of our favorite authors. Now I would have never believed it, but the closed place to park an RV to Lepanto is Osceola, Arkansas and the next is Jonesboro. We picked Jonesboro because it is a larger town and I can get building supplies here. AND GUESS WHAT? I decided to do a little research on John Grisham because we always thought he was from Mississippi. He was born right here in Jonesboro! This is a bonus to the trip. His family moved to Mississippi where he went to HS & College.

This is a straight on shot of the house. I don't think when John was a kid they had grass in the yard.. LOL
WE are enjoying just knowing a little more about our favorite writer. Way to go John!!!! He has sold ove sixty million of his books.

WE never did see the movie, so Sherry says find it and order it. NOW! So that is next on the agenda.
Today I ripped out a bath tub to get ready to replace it. That is usually a very tough job, but this one will not be too bad. I don't have to rush so someone can take a bath. No one lives in the house right now.
The tub and surround it in the back of the van right now, ready to head to Lepanto in the morning. I stll can't believe there is not a closer place to park this motor home. HA!
I have always liked to live close to my jobs. Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog.
From a synopsis of the movie....It is Luke's personal mission to earn enough money picking cotton to be able to afford a new coat of paint for the Chandler house. But as harvest time approaches, a number of plot complications distance Luke from his goal, including failed crops, dangerous weather, periodic run-ins with a family of migrant workers, and -- this being a John Grisham story -- a murder to which Luke is the sole eyewitness. Filmed on location in the Arkansas town of Lepanto, A Painted House first aired April 27, 2003, as a CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
******When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
*****Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.
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shirl72 said...

What a surprise add more history to your resume. You sure have seen everything in your
travels. I hope it is not a very big job and
goes good without to many problems and you can
can find supplies.


Debbie said...

That's great that you get to experience something you've read about. Kind of like bringing the book to life.

I had to laugh at you stopping to eat your beans & cornbread before you could write anymore in your blog. LOL! I'm sure it was yummy. I've never heard of lettuce slaw, learn something new everyday.


Paula said...

Oh how exciting! I've read that book. The house I grew up in didn't have paint. Since I'm grown I wonder why Daddy didn't buy a few gallons of paint and put us all to work. It was never an issue to him as long as he had a roof that didn't leak, good food on the table, and a front porch to sit on with neighbors and chew the fat.

betty said...

I will have to read that book now; I do like some of his writing

how cool to see the Painted House in Lepanto; nice surprise I'm sure it was when you put the pieces together :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry and Jack! Shivering as I type this, the fields were frosty this morning on PEI!!! John Grisham is one of my favourite authors also, and it was a nice break from the legal dramas to read A Painted House. It was one of my favourites from him actually, nice to see the actual house!!!

Lucy said...

How neat to see the house. Paula our house was not painted either. We didn't have a porch in my early life till we moved to the jinxed farm. Think my regular blog will take comments now. I was to shy when I was young and I would not flirt!!!