Friday, October 16, 2009

We ate at "THE FISH BOAT"

I reached into the archives for some pictures........ (nothing to do with Arkansas)

WE stopped by the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South DAkota.
Driving this valley is curvey, but beautiful. This is from our 2004 trip through, headed for the BAdlands.

Going back to I40 out of Asheville, NC headed West. A set of tunnels.

Arkansas is an agricultural state. They produce 40% of the USA’s rice. Until this trip I don’t think I had paid enough attention as I passed fields. Maybe I thought it was wheat or some other grain. But the fields I am seeing here are Cotton, soy bean and RICE. Also there are many very small towns scattered throughout this area of the state.

When we first started planning this trip I looked on the internet and in all our reference manuals for RV parks, none were near. I (the know it all) remarked to Sherry there is always a trailer park we could stay in. Well to be honest there is a trailer park in downtown Lepanto. We drove through it in the rain, the mud just doesn’t make for a pretty site. There was an empty spot, but it had no electric meter, and we are not going to be around long enough to have a meter set.

Also we would have had to clean the lot. So what I am saying is we just could not find a spot to park the RV close by. That is something I have never liked, commuting to work, I like to be there or near.

We set the new bathtub today and hung the dry wall around it. I am beat again. I like that, being tired. Oh, and the pastor Chris mentioned that his dad & mom have a restaurant ‘The Fish Boat’ here in Jonesboro. We went there for supper today, the food was delicious. I had hoped to go in and eat without them knowing we were coming. We could pay the bill then let them know who recommended the place. But the pastor had called ahead saying we may drop in. I guess they know their customers and we were new. So His mother came over and introduced herself, Kathy. Don, his dad came out of the kitchen for a chat. They would not let us pay for our meal. That was nice, but sometimes I think folks might think you do that to get a free meal. Anyway the food was great. They are very nice folk.
I am closing, thanks for coming by the log.
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***** Why do psychics have to ask you your name?

***** Inside every older person is a younger person wondering, 'What the heck happened?


betty said...

I think its fascinating there isn't more of an RV park available; seems like with RV'ing being so popular these days the town would have perhaps better accommodations

I'm sure the Fish Boat was more than happy to welcome visitors; especially visitors connected to helping others in town. I do understand though how you wanted to go in under the wire and not cause a lot of fuss or get a free meal in the process.

hoping you are getting a good night of sleep :)


shirl72 said...

Jack it makes them feel better to do something
when people have come afar to help them. Glad
things are going OK. I am like you I don't like commuting. I think this is a big deal when you drive two days to help people. You are trying to get more stars in your crown. Smoky said my crown is getting heavy but if I don't shape up some will fall off and we will have to glue some on.


Paula said...

Does Sherry go with you to the job site or does she stay home and keep the home fires burning? I'm just nosy.

Rose said...

The place looks lovely. How nice of them not to give you a check for your dinner. There are nice people out there in this world! I think you have met quite a few of them.

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the tunnels! I've only see a few in Montreal, always remind me of the Road Runner cartoon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry...I so enjoy all the pictures you publish...and yes I read the "painted house" book....and I enjoyed it..but had to keep telling myself that John was just digressing from his usual format of books...and the house...wasn't as I pictured it in the book...but then whenever I read books of the past and they say a family of six or eight lived there...I picture a big house...when in actuality it was very very very small...LOL..tanks for letting me wander here mentally LOL...and wish we were friends when we were renovating our bathroom and could have parked in our driveway...with all the eminities!!!!! life goes on....hugs to you both from Ora in KY

Lucy said...

Hi Jack and Sherry, Weary body and mind talking, but love the pictures. Old or not they are new to me. Joe makes the comment that when he was working he went to sleep and didn't wake till the alarm rang. Now he hears the least little thing. I have news for him, he was snoring and I was still awake trying to figure out what was up with Spunky.

Lucy said...

I don't want my boy to grow up and why has it taken so long?

Debbie said...

I know you didn't want a free meal but I'm glad the folks showed their appreciation for the hard work you are doing in their community. It's a shame you couldn't find a place to park the RV closer to where you are working.

Love ya'll