Friday, October 9, 2009

Harris Family Reunion!

Remembering Katrina. This is a graveyard near the French Quarter in Nawlins. As you know or have heard a lot of New Orleans is below Sea Level so most graves are above ground.
These are some of the older, cheaper burial spots.

This is a garlic booth in the French Quarter. The Quarter hardly missed a beat after Katrina. We went down to our favorite place, CAfe Du Monde. Just a half block from this garlic booth. We had some chicory coffee and b'neigs ( I am not going to try to spell it.), a delicious french pastry.

Cathredral of St. Louis in the Quarter. (I believe).
Now today's exciting entry:

Saturday is our reunion day. It is for Sherry’s family. Her name was Harris before I changed it to Darnell, or she volunteered to be a Darnell.

Like many families we are dwindling. They started out with four boys and three girls. It is her and two brothers left. Vernon Gomez is here in Belmont. Johnny is in Michigan. It seems Johnny is not coming home, we are all disappointed. Johnny went to Detroit to build cars when he was 16 or 17. He never came back home. He never married. He is unique

Johnny is not feeling well, and his closest friend, ‘City Mouse’ is not doing great. So he is skipping the reunion.

I am looking forward to seeing the family. When I married Sherry I married her family. I think most men do that. We will miss the ones gone on, especially the sisters. The females in Sherry’s family were CLOSE, mama and girls. All the girls married solid men (‘cept Sherry), they all lived to see their 50th anniversaries. Sherry’s Mama, the best mother in law in the world, died early at 61. We all miss her. She traveled many miles to be with Sherry after the boys were born, of course was very helpful.

In my next book, which has no solid title yet, I tell of one bit of her advice, it was more than we could ever thank her for. Sherry probably still has the note ner mama gave her at her bridal shower. “Marriage is sacred, the bed undefiled, do what you want to, it is nobody’s business.”
Some may laugh at that. But if you are two kids who know nothing about sex, except what you have heard from the ‘experienced kids’, and read from those illegal ‘eight pagers’, it was a wealth of knowledge. Back then nobody told anyone much about what to expect

I am off the subject. WE are going to have a wonderful time at the reunion. My side of the family had reunions until I started to attend, then they quit. I think I got the message. HA!
Thanks for coming this way!
Nite Shipslog.
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Paula said...

I think that was an exceptional piece of advice Sherry's Mother gave especially for that period of time. It seems so many families have one member who just leaves and never comes home or if they do just one time like my uncle did. Also John has a sister who never comes home either. Enjoy the reunion you two.

betty said...

I like the advice Sherry's mother gave; wise woman; so sad she died so young though

enjoy the reunion! and don't put yourself down; you are a good solid man, otherwise Sherry wouldn't have had anything to do with you


Helen said...

Good advice Sherry's mother gave. You two enjoy that reunion. Helen

Rose said...

You always have beautiful photos and stories to share. Sherry's Mom died too young. You both must have wonderful memories.

Hugs, Rose
P.S. You are a SOLID MAN!

Anonymous said...

Love that garlic stand! Enjoy your reunion!

Lucy said...

I don't know how far Arkansas is but snow is gone here but is to remain a LITTLE cold, but I think your bones will be able to handle it. lol Enjoy your reunion.

Woody said...

I miss Naw-lens, Mud Bugs, West Bank of Algiers, Tall Glass of Hurricane, Blacken Cat Fish and Burbon Street!!!

Debbie said...

Well, I'm late, but I hope you & Sherry enjoyed the family reunion. It's hard to get families together after everyone gets older and you do miss your loved ones that are no longer with you.


shirl72 said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. I would have loved to heard Steve and Josh sing and play but I was at the Cotten Gin Festival and then to Charlotte to hear The International Sweet Adelines sing. Glad you had fun.


Terri said...

Hope you two enjoyed the reunion..and hope you took pics! I haven't been to any of our reunions in years....