Sunday, October 11, 2009


Into every life a little rain must fall. There will be cloudy days. We read of tragedy's. Man jumps to his death. Father kills family and self. I read things like this and have a sympathetic thought, but they are unknowns. I do at times think of the family and wonder how rough that must be.

Sonny my close friend was at the reunion. Vickie his daughter brought him. WE had a good time. At that time Vickie had a best friend, LInda, who was also her first cousin. Today she does not. Linda's husband took her life this morning, tried to take the lives of his grown sons, wounding them critically, then took his life. Sometimes tragedy hits home, sometimes real close.
If you talk to the Lord, remember Sonny's family. Those boys are grown, they are still alive, but terribly wounded.

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No one is exempt from sadness, but remember the sun will shine again.


betty said...

I am sooooo sorry; this is soooo sad :(

will remember all in prayers


Anonymous said...

'Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning.' (Luke 12.35) to keep you standing and able to see.

Thoughts are with you, prayers as well.

Lucy said...

Oh Jack, how sad. I remember feeling the same thing, so hopeless and that I just did not want to go on with life, but I would never thought of taking any one elses life That was early in life. Just think of all the tragedy's I have stood up to. I am just so grateful instead of folding I got stronger.

Lucy said...

People do the same here Jack. Just a flurry and every single elderly person piled their groceries high on our check out counter. Did you know that people send their valentine cards to valentine so they can be postmarked with a valentine and they send then out.

Rose said...

I am so sorry to hear this Jack. It is so sad.

I appreciated that you stopped by my other blog the other day as I have not posted in Roses Are Read for a while. No excuses, but your email prompted me to write again. I'm trying to think of happy thoughts to jot down.

Stay well my friend. Hugs, Rose

shirl72 said...

That is so Sad. I feel so bad for Sonny and Vickie. They have had their share. Sonny being
so sick and now better and now this. We sure
will remember them in our prayers.


Lucy said...

It makes a person wonder why a person would turn so violent. My comments are so inappropriate it seems but at any rate I am so very sorry for the ones left.

Debbie said...

My heartfelt prayers & deepest sympathy to the family, friends and community. Hopefully, the sons will survive and be given both physical & emotional healing. At times like this the sun may shine again but the rays are blinding. Thinking of all of you as you walk this somber path together.

Love & Hugs

Paula said...

I had intended to ask how Sonny is doing and now I read this. So very sad. I'm so sorry.

Sheila Y said...

What a terrible tragedy for this family. I will keep them all in my prayers. Sheila