Monday, October 12, 2009

Moving day again tomorrow!

Three pictures from the reunion.

Left is Stephen in the center is our oldest son Jack and Joshua Adam on the right.
Vernon Gomez Harris the Patriarch and Sherry the Matriarch of the Harris Clan.

Sherece and her Brandon, Mark in the middle, Matt Dillon, and L. Vegas.

I am composing off line. The internet is off and on. As I have said we are on the internet at the mercy of cell towers, and weather. It is rainy now and the connections do not last long. When there is a connection it is very weak. WE held a contract for a cell tower for over two years, but the company decided to drop it because of the economy. So this area of Belmont is a blind spot for cell connections.
Update: The boys (men) who were shot by their dad are still alive today, I haven’t had any direct contact with the family. Sad they have neither dad nor mom to visit them in the hospital. Their grandma and a couple aunts are filling in.
We leave on Tuesday morning. I don’t know when this will be posted. Sherry is at a Mill Hill reunion. That is what we called where the cotton mill families lived, Mill Hills. This one is the Climax Reunion. I cannot handle the constant roar, the all have a ball. Sherry doesn’t get to them often, but this one was scheduled right for her to attend.

I have the Motor home about ready to pull out. I always hate to tear down in the rain, but for the life style, I will put up with it. Shirl usually gets up early, but in the morning she will sleep late I put catnip in her coffee this morning at Hardees. I also charged her $5 to hold the umbrella over her head as she went to her car.

I thought she was leaving. She reached into her car got her umbrella and said now let’s go back in. I said not until you are a paying customer. She opened her umbrella and walked away. I guess you ain’t supposed to mess with those senior girls.

This morning was our Hardee’s day. All the old folk go on Monday morning for breakfast. Sherry’s brother Vernon & his wife Janet are always there.
I have stored all the tools I think I will need for the jobs in Arkansas. I think I am ready. HA!
I am looking forward to hitting the road. We should see some pretty color in the Mountains as we cross the Smokies and Blue Ridge.
Take care and thanks for coming by the log.
NIte Shipslog

Patient: "I have a ringing in my ear"

Doctor: “don't answer it."


Paula said...

I'm glad Sherry got to go to the reunion. Nice of you not to mind her going without you. Bet she will tell you all about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...and Sherry too...hope you had a good time at the reunion...and know you will enjoy Arkansas...we love it there...wish we could get by more often...oh well!!!! and about that book "a boy called IT"....I have read all of them and cried a bucket...and got mad too...sheesh...hard to believe it is true!!!! and sorry I stayed away so long...but love it that Sherry missed me...!!!! lots going on in our lives right now...we desparately need to get away...but to be honest...I am afraid to leave home???!!!??? just now anyway...sorry to whine...I think I am caught up with you now...and do hope the ole computer gets better...but glad you have the laptop!!!! hugs to ya from Kentucky....Ora

Sheila Y said...

I guess Jack doesn't know about that big industrial magnet that will come out of the ground under their RV and attach itself. Or the 4 mechanical arms that will attach themselves to the wheels...only Shirl, Paula and I know the secret code to release them...and we ain't tellin'...better call Arkansas and tell them you might be late...unless Shirl gets her RV park fees...hahhhaaahhhhaaa, Sheila

betty said...

safe travels; you are definitely going through pretty country; enjoy!

love the picture of Sherry and Vernon; they definitely look like they are related to each other :)

keeping that family in my prayers; again such a sad situation :(


Lucy said...

Hey guys if it is not to late better throw in a snow shovel. Never know??? Have a great trip. Is your computer fixed Jack or is it just the reception you are having trouble with? Glad everyone got together before tragedy struck. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip! Can't wait to see some more pix, hope you get a better connection soon!

Debbie said...

Dang, I forgot to leave a comment on this entry. I love all the pictures and especially the one with Sherry & Vernon together. Where's the pictures of you though?

Tsk,tsk,tsk, what are we going to do with you Jack? Trying to charge your poor sister for escorting her to the car so she could get her own umbrella. I guess she showed you, didn't she? HAHAHAHA!

I bet the motorhome is a pain in the rear trying to tear it down in the rain.


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys. My friend Dale Cash emailed me your "SHIPSLOG" so I've been able to catch up on you a bit. What a life you have out there in the real world! You are living a dream and we're all trying to live vicariously through you. Thanks for the opportunity!Be safe and keep enjoying yourselfs. Watch your back Jack I know you're sisters wheels are just a turning in her head about how she'll get even on the umbrella deal! She is so much fun and I just adore her. Talley Hoe!

Anonymous said...

hope you all are fine and safe on the road.i see Tina left you a post.i found your blog by accident and sent the link to hervia email. see you and jacksons when you return