Saturday, June 4, 2011

Continuing the remodel on Ewing Drive

Things happen in a hurry. We decided not to settle down for another year (?). Son Mark wants to rent the place until then, wants to start moving in Monday. The carpet still needed to be cleaned, so off to rent a shampooer (?) is that a good word?

So now the floors are cleaned, Sherry painted the deck in the wash room, it looks great. One more thing, install a vent fan light in the new bathroom.

Sherry taking down the border wall paper, what a mess she made. She and Shirl had already taken down the border that was down in the middle of the wall in the living room. They made just about as much mess there.

Ewing Drive 037

Ewing Drive 038

The room and fireplace now: We added lights on either side and a couple outlets.

more 406 2 014

This is one rats nest of electrical I had where I needed a hallway:

Ewing Drive 006

That area now: The old window became a bathroom door and the small panel now covers the power pane.more 406 2 008

I will try to take on the bathroom in pictures, but you need to see it to understand exactly what I have done here.

This is the Bath I tackled: You are actually looking at the window in the other picture. I removed that window and put a door in. This frame in the foreground is closed off to become a solid wall, because you actually had to go thru one bath to get to this one (?).


That same shot as it is now:

more 406 2 004

Now to go around thru the kitchen to where the window was, which is now the bathroom door and this is what you saw:more604 003

Now this is what you see when you look from that same angle, Sherry said I want a tub/shower in there, not a half bath sooooo:

more 406 2 009

This is where I got my greatest surprise. I love neat surprises, as I tore the many layers of wall paper down I got down to the original 3/8 drywall, and lo, and behold I found this painting:

Ewing Drive 042

Of course I thought at first it was another layer of wall paper. I was imagining the first owners, one of them patiently painting this on the wall of the first indoor bathroom they had ever had. I loved it, but took a picture of it and hung new drywall over it.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Yeah, we decided to just enjoy this 340 sqft motor home some more instead of moving into the 1600+ of newly remodeled house. I lose Sherry in it, I can’t have that.


betty said...

glad you guys aren't settling down for a bit and that your son will be renting your house in the meantime! you go girl Sherry on that ladder!! that seemed like a lot of hard work you guys did! I like what you did with the bathroom too, Jack! amazing how fast you guys worked and got it somewhat together! now you'll have to tell us where your next adventure will be to once you get back in your house on wheels!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a nice thing to do for your son. I hope that he enjoys having such a nice remodeled home. You are both very fortunate to be able to still do so much. I'm not much good when it comes to that heavy duty stuff any more. Glad that you will have a nice place to park your home when you need it too. It must give you a feeling of satisfaction to have done all that. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one!

Lucy said...

Bet that picture was a surprise but I would have covered it as you did. Great job on the bathroom. Looks like Sherry and Shirl are doing ok with the wall paper. Is that the striped wall paper they are working on? You are all doing great.

Ken Riches said...

You sure were busy, looks great. Happy Trails :o)

Lucy said...

You know when you do decide to settle down the place will not look like it does now. Then you can buy another place and remodel that. Hope you have a great time while you can.

Anonymous said...

I want to see if this comment will post.


Anonymous said...

WOW~~~ Looks great!!! Sheery..please be careful on the ladder!


gosh waht apain to leave a comment...

Paula said...

wow you all did a wonderful job. Glad you took the commode out of the kitchen, I was a little worried about that. lol

Amelia said...

That last little painting was kind of neat :)