Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tomorrow is the day!

Off to Lenoir in the morrow. Of course there is the punch-out list.Hang a couple blinds, store the old curtain rods and sort out keys.  We have not been using the A/C in the house, just the attic fan.  Well today we turned on the A/C and it said huh-uh, ain’t working.


A good friend, Derrick, came over and checked it out. The Thermostat is bad. He, with some help, jumpered the problem so it is now cooling. I hated the Thermostat anyway, it wasn’t for OLD FOLKS, I had to read it with a big magnifying glass. haha!  He will replace the thermostat tomorrow.

The night before I start thinking of places we love. french quarter in Nawlins, ahhhh beneighs and chickory coffee! I never did figure the strings of garlic.


My Girl relaxing in Mercedes, TX. We had the whole park nearly to ourselves. (She will fuss about me putting this on)


Street in New Progresso, MX (Good dental work here before all the killings started!)


One of the Shuttle launches we were privileged to see, I believe this one was when John Glenn went back up.


Formation and pool inside Diamond Caverns, KY


And what are they looking at, these Kentucky Horses?


They are outside looking in at me and Gary. Got to like this mechanic and his choice in girls, Debbie and Terri, Places and folks have made our lives wonderful.


Yeah I think, and think, and think. Then I wonder why do I want to be everywhere, why can’t I just settle down (As my little sister Shirl says!) I honestly think that in your childhood something can set the course of your life. I was 7 or 8 when I heard Frankie Lane sing, “My heart Goes Where the Wild Goose Goes!”

Then there is Lapanto, AR, home of the ‘A painted House’, the movie was filmed here from the book by John Grisham.


And the rice fields, we had never seen them:


I must quit, just might continue this trip, But first there was the Arches Nat'l Park.Arches MOAB MOAB 062

Then there was something very interesting in West Point, UTAH, The little miss Elsie Mae Darnell.

Utah USAF HILL 011

Thanks for going with me, more tomorrow night from Green Mountain.

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I was born to wander, I was born to roam!


Ken Riches said...

Hope you go to NOLA soon, we were just there and we always love going back.

betty said...

I can't imagine you and Sherry giving up the "vagabond life". I think you guys have such great adventures wherever you decide to go! I'm sure it will feel "different" being back on the road come tomorrow, but I bet just like riding a bike, it will all come back to you so very easily! Enjoy!! (Sherry looks great relaxing in the pool!)

safe travels!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Safe and happy travels to you both today!

~mel said...

Have fun! If it gets too hot down south I know of a BIG LAKE to the north of me that has some nice cool water to dip your toes in. I'll bake you a chocolate cake and we can eat it by the lake:)

Cher' Shots said...

I enjoyed taking this trip with you. I've been to the French Quarter in Nawlins' ~ and I've been in a hot tub! But I haven't been to the other places (yet)! Thanks for 'sherry'ing'
and as Mel says, we have a big lake you could dip your toes in. You could come here and Mel & Slim could come this far to visit with us.
'love & hugs from afar'

Cher' Shots said...

p.s. My favorite pic was the one with 'little miss Elsie Mae' That pic speaks volumes!

shirl72 said...

Just read yesterdays blog. I cannot believe you
moved those buildings. Remember moving my
building in Charlotte from the middle of the yard to the side. Everything looking good.
Hope you enjoy your vacation.


Anonymous said...

Sherry looked great in the shot, so I hope she does not fuss too much. What beautiful horses...

Amelia said...

I would love to be able to go the places you go!