Friday, June 3, 2011

The first pictures of our remodel

I will take a few minutes to show you the visible changes to our ‘new to us’ house.  But before that I would like to say to anyone reading this entry I will soon return, haha! The work is winding  down. The pictures do not show the work that went on under the house.

Okay here is the kitchen before:



more 406 2 006

more 406 2 005

more 406 2 013

I was most proud of the floor work. There was a 50+ year old 1 1/2” sag in the floor. It took about three days, but slowly we brought it up to level.  I wanted to keep the old white cabinets, but Sherry insisted on new Oak cabinets. I am glad she did. She also insisted on a dishwasher (besides me, she said this one was getting pretty old to trust with our fine china! Remember when it used to come in washing powder!)

more604 011

Sherry stacked the drawers to stain and apply the poly while I did the cabinets:

more604 009

I get in a hurry and used 3” screws to hold the doors open so I could do all the finishing at one time without removing the doors.

Below I am leveling the final base cabinet.

more604 013

Oh Sherry love the addition of the commode to the kitchen!

more604 014

That is the Kitchen where the most work was put in.  It has been fun, usually my day ended at 2100 (9PM).

Shirl came over and started the yard work just after we moved over here. She said, ‘y’all  are gonna have a large wild area, I said I sure hope so, and hope the neighbors do not complain.

Ewing Drive 029

more604 015

This is what we call our patio area, it is in the shade and there seems to always be a nice breeze. My equipment was set up here and stayed out, no problems with vandals.

To go back to the beginning, my first call was to my buddy Sticky.  Below he is telling me what I am gonna need.

Ewing Drive 019

Here he is doing it:

Ewing Drive 021

Even before Sticky, I had to take down a large boat port that stood where We wanted our RV to sit.

Ewing Drive 001

Enough for tonight so as not to bore you too much.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by the Shipslog. Next entry I will show the bathroom Sherry wanted reworked.

Nite Shipslog


We have sorta made a decision, not sure we are ready for roots yet? Maybe?  We do have a son who thinks he wants to rent it. uh oh!


Paula said...

Lookin' beautiful. You may start a new style with the commode in the kitchen.

betty said...

just thinking about you guys today and thinking how much I missed your entries, but I love what you guys did with the kitchen! it looks roomy to begin with, but I agree, I like the oak cabinets, Sherry picked well to go with them!! Looks like a lot of hard work! Neat your son might want to rent it, I can't see you guys putting down roots myself either.....

looking forward to seeing more!


Cher' Shots said...

Wow, awesome. Missed you two on here but sure understand how busy you are. We're gardening now and the prep work itself takes time. I've been posting less myself because of the long days outside. Glad to see you're back!
'love & hugs from afar'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It all looks very nice. I know it took a lot of hard work for you to get it all done. Glad you are finally almost done and are sharing some pictures with us. I have wondered if you were going to stay there or what you were doing. It' would be nice for you to have a home base and still travel too. I'll be looking forward to hearing about and seeing more. Take good care !

Y said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. What prompted this nesting instinct?

~mel said...

Jack ~ I so happy to see Sherry is keeping you busy! Sherry ~ cut no slack!!
Things are looking good ~ with the exception of the toilet sitting in the kitchen; but then again, you may be on to something there:) Whenever I'm running water in the sink it seems like mother nature calls and I have to pee.LOL

Helen said...

I love all you two have done to the kitchen. I also know that a lot of hard work has went into it. Enjoy it while you can, maybe just a little while before your son decides for real he wants to rent it. Helen

Lucy said...

Just great. I wish I had that kitchen. Shirl was really getting into that yard. You 2 have really been working hard. Lol at Paula's comment about the comode in the kitchen. Seriously it is really nice and for all your hard work, I will forget the "patience" comment.Will be really great to have you 2 back. Make that 3 with Shirl.

Ken Riches said...

Looks great.

Dar said...

Well, well, look at the two of you go to work! Looks like Sticky has a toy you'd like to play with, Jack. Your place is cute as a button and coming together with those personal touches. I kinda miss the turquoise of years gone by. It's a color that's back in style, ya know, but I do love the oak. Lots of work there. We've been in this house over 30 yrs and we still aren't done fixing and mending. We still have uneven floors. At least the windows are no longer drafty unless we open them. Hot days, cool nights mean they are opened.
Bill is playing with the tractor and bucket again, making a new resting place for some of my plants that have to be moved, so he can claim the space. So it goes here. So very happy to read you guys again, I'm smilin'.

Sheila Y said...

It looks great, can't wait to see more. I hope the weather has been cooperating down your way. I noticed you were careful not to catch a photo of Sherry and Shirl when they were hanging those cabinets...ha. Take care and don't work to hard, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Looks like you do a bit of magic to this place. Impressed. Please have you all a good new week and enough time to take a break as well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Shirl

The place really looks good. I will have to
make dry runs by to keep Marks bippy in check.
He better keep in looking nice after all that


Amelia said...

You all are working very hard and doing a nice job.