Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today was different.

I did not get pictures yet, but I shuffled the storage buildings. I plan to build a larger out building so I will have a place to play when we are here.  I will show the results tomorrow.

Why do folks plant thorn plants, Thorn trees or thorn bushes? There was a huge on on the back of the lot. I hit it about ten times real hard with my little tractor, but I never did get it up. Wish I had a little back hoe.

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What you see here looks like nothing, but this was one of the worst jobs. this is the inside of the entrance door. the blank cover you see on the left was the light switch, there were none at the door. There was only an over head light.

I rerouted the switches so they are in the correct place as you open the door. This was another room addition. Folks remodel to suit themselves, and most of the time the cheapest way possible. I don’t blame them, but if I can fix it, I will.

Tomorrow I will show the out buildings.

Thanks for coming by, I appreciate you taking your time to stop and visit.

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I just make reservations in Lenoir NC. Going up this Thurs. or Fri.  Mary Ann lives there, hope to see you soon lady!!


Paula said...

I've been guilty of planting cactus. lol You seem to get joy out of "fixing" things". My deceased husband Mel was like that and if no one else had been able to fix it that made it even more of a challenge to him.

betty said...

We lived in a house where the owner before us did a lot of things himself and oftentimes wrong (not like you/Sherry). We spent a lot of time that first year correcting his "mistakes" LOL. Glad you got a destination to go to when you begin your travels again!


Amelia said...

Well, you are certainly getting it done!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My house is / was a lot like that too. I have a switch by the front door that does nothing. Somethings we've managed to get fixed over the years, but that switch remains a mystery. Next to it is the one for the porch light and it works. Your play room sounds like it might just be a workshop. Glad you are going to finally get some rest. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

~mel said...

Rip 'er up and get 'er done! It sure looks like there's no rest for the wicked at your house. If you weren't so wicked Jack ... just kidding! I admire your determination; but don't go overdoing it. Enjoy that break you have coming up ~ but don't forget to come back to us. I'm afraid once you get behind the wheel again you'll keep on going!

Fred Alton said...

Man, I don't know what some people were thinking! Putting the light switch behind the door is a very poor choice...hmmm... maybe they were planing for the door to open from the opposite side? Planting thorn bushes is another one of those things I don't understand either! And why would anyone place a branch of a thorn tree across the middle of a backwoods trail so that my ATV tire runs over it? On purpose ya think? Trying to keep us city-slickers outta their woods? Ha. Well, it didn't work. I'm back again. ☻

Lucy said...

I despise thorns. Glad you got the door, light switch straightened out. So you have your first visit planned??? I am like Mel, don't forget us, We missed you or at least Paula and I thought you being gone made it terribly quiet.

Sheila Y said...

How close do you come to my little ole town when you head to the mountains? Our baby girl graduates from high school Saturday at noon. Makes you kinda proud and sad at the same time. Hope it is cooler in them there hills when you get there. Take care, Sheila