Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Musical buildings

Well you have heard the expression, “Grease the skids”, well that is what I have been doing. I wanted to make some room between the motor home and the storage buildings. This is what it looked like:

MORE 406 3 001

The grey barn is 10x12 and the metal building is 8x10. both of them are about 8’ from the motor home.

Now they look like this:

406 Ewing 4 005

I moved the grey barn around the metal building, then slid the metal building back. Of course I had to disconnect the electric. I have it back in the buildings but not tied in, something to do tomorrow!

Sherry just came in from church in the picture, I on the other hand did not:

406 Ewing 4 008

Just a little too sweaty and dirty. I am clean as I type and the clothes are in the washer. Yesterday’s clothes are in the garbage, they were covered with the grease I used to grease the skids as I slid the buildings around.

Sherry knows the name of the blue flower, just cannot think of it. I just call it our blue ball bush. It is just like the snow ball ones mama used to have, oh well. They are pretty anyway.

Tying everything up tomorrow then heading for the mountains. Love it!

Thanks for coming by to see the dirty guy with a blue-ball bush!

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Oh BTW, Sheila! the unchecking the 'keep me logged in block seemed to do the trick, I can comment. Shirl seems to be doing better also. Love ya!


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Ken Riches said...

Well Done!

Anonymous said...

The bush is a hydrangea. They sure are pretty.

B. Knox

Paula said...

You sure have a lot of energy still. I went to Wal*Mart and I'm exhausted.

betty said...

yea! you guys are on the road again come tomorrow!! looking forward to hearing again those adventures!! but you guys did good! got lots of work done and hopefully leaving your house in good hands with your son!


~mel said...

I think Sherry should have thrown you in the washer! You look like I did when I came out of my garden the other day ~ all hot and sweaty. But in my case ~ when I get all sweaty like that I'm saying to myself, burn calories BURN!! Nothing like a good work out and accomplishing something else at the same time:)

Lucy said...

Jack, Sherry looks like she approves what you have done. You look like a working man that thrives on work. Jack you are like Joe, you do a job right when you do it. Joe was cutting a limb off that was over our electric line running to the house. I was out with him and h could not reach it with his ladder so he GOT ON OUR OLD BLOCK SHED WE HAVE. He had to saw it partly through and then swing it over the line on our side. The limb came down and scratched and cut his forehead. Stubborn Bohunk., but he got it done. If that limb had hit him more directly it could have knocked him off that roof.

Dar said...

WOW, Jack and Sherry,
I'm not on here much in summer, but WOW, look at the work-load you two tore into. You mean business and what a fine job you both have done. I approve. Love your Blue Ball Bush and so glad you didn't bump that a few times like the Thorny bush...sounds like it wants to stay with it's stubborn root system. Anyway, DO enjoy your Mountain Air. Have a great summer. Will check in from time to time. It's going to be a long summer.
BlessYourHearts MissYouTwo

Lucy said...

!I really like your bushes. I want them but I bet they couldn't stand Ne. winters

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Everything looks ship shape there to me. You are one that likes to have everything looking neat and tidy. It really does make a difference. you both deserve a rest now. Glad you'll soon be in the mountains and can enjoy some down time. Have a great Thursday!

Cher' Shots said...

I guess when you say things are 'moving along' you mean 'moving along!' Loving you hydrangea bush!
'love & hugs from afar'

Anonymous said...

You look better than happy. You look content.

Anonymous said...

How happy this place feels to be.

Helen said...

Looking good! I thought at first that Sherry was ready to hit the traveling road again. Love the hydrangea bush. I have a pink one in full bloom.
UH, I just read where you were heading for the mountains tomorrow. Have a safe happy trip.