Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our Saturdays

We are simple folk and it doesn’t take much to entertain us.  Saturdays has been for a long time, YARD SALE time.  We go out for breakfast (usually fast food, shoulda done that today but did not, we ate at Paula’s diner, usually good, today not so hot) then look for yard sale signs.

Living in a motor home we cannot buy much and that is good, but we do shop. We need a door mat and some good books for the motor home, so Saturdays are the time to look. I picked up five good books at 50 cents each. I also found a graph tablet for 25 cents. Sherry did not find a thing.

Once in Pennsylvania a lady looked at the Florida tag on the car and said, ‘You travel a long way for yard sales, don’t you?’

The most excitement and danger was in a small town in West Virginia. We parked and started walking into the yard. out of the corner of my eye I saw a car jump a six foot wall (off a road above) and head just past us, hitting two women who were jumping out of the way going on and hit both yard sale tables the a tree in the yard. In the car was a dazed looking lady and a little girl who was crying. In the paper the next day we read that the lady had had a seizure, it was not intentional. It sure messed up a lot of things. The ladies had broken ankles one dived to the left the other to the right and the car ran over their feet.

We have went ‘yard sale’ in in about every state. I think I like the North East best.

Today we talked about the folks we have traveled with, but now they are gone: Our best long term traveling buddies were my sister Kat and her husband Dick:

Un believable I cannot find a picture of them!

Then Sonny & Colette, Sherry’s sister and her husband:

Here we are at the Corn Palace, we had just came from Desmit (The little town on the Prairie) and were headed into the Bad lands.


I don’t know how many thousands of miles we ran together but every mile was a privilege. Colette was such a sweet person and Sonny was my buddy. He and I were just alike, agreed on everything (except religion, politics and unions, LOL).  We both loved Louis Lamoure, though.

He loved sweet tea, he never did get used to the fact that places other than home served unsweetened tea. Sonny would do me favors and I him, we were family.

Being Cowboys at heart, he and I loved the Western towns.  We visited San Antonio and Dodge City. Our first trip across the USA was with them and we towed a pop-up camper. HAD A BALL! Here is Sonny at the Devil’s tower.


Colette in the passenger’s seat:


With Sherry driving, Sonny drove some but NOT Colette.


Sonny & Colette at Mt. Rushmore:


And here they are with Sherry on Buffalo Bill’s front porch at the Scout’s Rest in North Platte, NB


We lost Colette that year, she was VERY sick on that trip and we did not know it. Cancer is such a mean thing. Recently we lost Sonny. You don’t forget a buddy.

Thanks for coming by, I just had these folks on my mind.

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If you have a friend, cherish them.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So true...cherish your friends. Good ones are hard to find. It's another rainy evening at the camper. It may stop here soon so I'm hoping for a campfire. I went to the nearby goodwill this afternoon and got some books to read here. Hope you are having good weather there.

Anonymous said...

Sherry you haven't changed since the pictures you still looking good girl.Glad you made it back on the road again. Missed you guys. Jean
I can't get this to post other then Anonymous

Dar said...

You are so right about cherishing your friends, even when they happen to be family. You have has so many treasures in your life. Especially your Sweet Sherry. I just happen to love her to death., well, not death, but you know what I mean. I'm not surprised when you say you're in the campground smooching! It's the sweetest thing ever. Louis LaMoure...why am I not surprised. I once did a painting on a European Mount (deer skull) for a fella who wanted Devil's Tower in the background cause that's where he got his buck.
Carry on, keep up the smoochin'.

Sheila Y said...

Have lots of fun while you are up in the mountains. It was graduation day for Cori today, and afterwards a trip to IHOP. That girl loves her some IHOP...ha. A little stormy weather dropped the temps into the 70's here today, it was nice. Take care, Sheila

Anonymous said...


Brother you know I am High Class which was taught by our older Brother JUNE He was dignified and knew what he wanted out of life. Our Brother ODIS taught me to be humble. Katherine our Sister taught me how to be a Lady . Mother always said we were from the Lloyds of London so how can a small child pick class, hunble or just do what is natural.
What can I say just being ME ME ME ME ME


betty said...

so true to treasure friends (and family too!) Wow what an adventure at that garage sale in West Virginia!! glad it was "only" broken ankles and perhaps a few tables overturned, could have been so much worse!! Yard sales, garage sales, whatever they are called are always fun to go and look at; I'm with you; always looking to see what books might be there. Always fun to see what others are trying to sell.

Special memories with special friends. The friends may be gone, but the memories will always be there!!


Fred Alton said...

Do I hear the beginning of another book here? "We Are Simple Folks" and "It Doesn't Take Much To Entertain Us" as a sub-title? I'm sure you have a head-ful of stories that would fit into that book. I like Yard Sales - but seldom stop at one for fear I'll buy too much. I should be selling instead of buying! ☻

Rose said...

Loved this post.

So sorry you lost such great friends. Glad you have wonderful memories that you shared with them.

Hugs, Rose

Amelia said...

Sorry about your friend.

I enjoy yard sales and a good book as well.


Ken Riches said...

Sounds like a fun routine. Sorry about your friends.