Friday, June 17, 2011

I guess I just like to write

Being here on the Shipslog is something that I enjoy doing for myself. I do appreciate anyone reading my drivel or dribble as Chuck used to say before he ‘Left the building’. Chuck was one who journaled on AOL. He was an interesting guy. His Journal was called ‘Dribbles by Chuck’. He always said, ‘here  I am in an adult center, translate that ‘old folks home’.  It was interesting just hearing about his prior life.  He was a teacher, his next door neighbor when he was a youngster was the producer of the first King Kong movie and had the giant hand in his back yard for them to play on.

kong hand

We all have had one, a prior life that is. Some of you are still back there in it, making memories to tell about in your ‘Old Age’.

I have learned since growing old and being around old folk, that once you reach 70+, to most folk, you are just an old man or old woman.  No one knows (or cares) that you were a movie star, scientist, war hero, a great ball player, farmer, a great dad, a great mother or rancher. You could have been one of a million highly regarded people, BUT NOW, YOU ARE JUST OLD!  Hey I ain’t complaining, I felt that way for many years, and to be honest sometimes I still do.


Don & Evelyn tell me of a guy who stays beside them in Florida who is 93yrs young. He performed with some of the greats in movies and music. He has the clips and stuff to show for it. But he can no longer dance in a lasso or ride a bronc.  He is just OLD!


I tell this a lot, since I have never known many rich people (except my brother and sister). Once in Florida we went shopping with friends, they brought along  cousins, Charlie and his wife.  While the ladies shopped at the outlet mall; we went to the ‘food court for coffee’.  While there we were talking world affairs and as men can do, settled all the world’s problems. The subject of the ‘Cyber fall’ came up. Mouthy jack said, “I have never understood an idiot who would invest in a stock called ‘YaHoo’.”

Now, it is just three old retired sailors sitting with an old guy named Charlie. Charlie turned, looked at me, smiled and said, “Tell me about it Jack, I just lost 14 million on that name!”


Have you ever noticed it is hard to talk with your foot in your mouth?  Charlie just looked like another old geezer to me! hahahahahaha  He had a great sense of humor. Really, we got along well.

He gave me a lot of good advice. One was, “Jack never fly to Vegas without your wife, keep her with you. I done that last month and when I came home she had charged a new Corvette to my name. You can’t trust ‘em son!”



Now I have heeded his advice, and Sherry ain’t never charged a Corvette to my name. hahaha.

Thanks for coming this way,

Nite Shipslog


The MOSQUITO is An insect that makes you like flies better.

55 chevy

I wish Sherry would charge one of these! ‘55 Chevy!


Anonymous said...

Have to admit, that there are many times when I wish 'to be old' - whatever that means, and whenever it starts, to have passed all these troubles of 'young life'.

And yes, I do miss living in a small town, where there are cows and horses ... Please have you all a good weekend.

Fred Alton said...

Wow! Thanks a lot for putting us past 70 year old folks in our place. ☻ I don't FEEL that old. Here's something to we grow older it seems like some days last forever and will never come to a close - but a minute later - in our reflective mood we say something like ... "The year has just flown by!" And Jack, I enjoy it when you write dribbles. ☺ Keep the shipslog going.

shirl72 said...

If I was younger I would charge me a Corvette.
I always wanted a Mustang but guess I will be
satisfied with my CRV.. It gets me there and
back. It is wonderful to be over 70. RIGHT


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's true! To young people all of us old people all look the same. My oldest son told me that once when I asked him if I looked older than someone else did and that's what he told me...we all look alike to him... Oh dear, well I've never had riches when it comes to money but my wealth has seemed to increase every year...I do have a lot of good memories stored in the bank. Hope you all are enjoying lovely weather there. After a quick thunderstorm here this evening we did get to sit around the campfire.

betty said...

I think its the other way around with that advice, Jack. You would be the one charging the Corvette LOL (or buying it online :)

I think we need to listen to the older people; there is usually someone older (unless we are close to 100 years old). They are automatically wiser than we are because they have lived a bit longer than we did. I think we tend to forget their wisdom and their worth and just call them old. Somehow I don't think you or Sherry will ever be old! no matter what age you might be!


Cher' Shots said...

Jack, ever since my childhood I've adored 'old' people. I did home health and hospice care for nearly 15 years and I loved the stories shared and the advice given. 'Old' is only a state of mind - I visit it occasionally myself. Keep on driveling!!
'love & hugs from afar'

Dar said...

You can drivel, dribble, all you want Jack Ol' Boy. I'll still listen and read, laugh and even learn a thing or two yet. You can even be an inspiration if ya'll wanta.
Loveya Ol' Boy. from an Ol' Gal
Loving Sherry too, of course. Glad you heeded ol' Charlie's advise. That Sherry's a keeper.