Monday, June 13, 2011

Many a cruise without her, but not this time.


Hey, I was on a cruise on our first anniversary. Hit the beach in Saros Bay Turkey.

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(This pic from that cruise, my first time in Athens, I was a marine. This is atop the Acropolis, that is the Parthenon in the back ground. TL is Virgil Jenson (Iowa), Me,  Cannot remember him and Pfc Torrence in front.)

Scanoldpic9 002

(This is the next time on the Acropolis, but this time as a Sailor. This picture is about 50’ from the one above. Over looking Athens, Where Robert lives and teaches)

our wedding 001 - Copy (2)

(Mel of “honey I’m Home” fame was just in a wedding where the groom wore dress blues, brought back a lot of memories, I too, wore my dress blues, and instead of the traditional ‘I do’ When Justice Nunn asked did I take this woman for my wife, I said smartly, ‘YES SIR’, my girl took my lead and also answered ‘Yes sir’, just not quiet as loud, LOL)

Sailed the Atlantic three or four times, even sailed in the Caribbean on Uncle Sam’s dime.  All those were without my sweet heart. A couple years ago the church got a small cruise group up and we took a four night cruise. We enjoyed the shipboard activities (ALL OF THEM), I mean especially the shows and evening walks about the deck.


There was lots of good food and I love the sea at night. That was the first time I was able to hold my lover and watcher the moon reflect off the waves. Man it is a whole lot different than listening to a recorded letter as I had  many times.  Whoa, much better!

Thanks for the folk who gave advice Ken mentioned the Mayan ruins, we will try that tour, it is sight seeing. We won’t do any snorkeling, we had years of that in Cuba and Key West. I love it and it is beautiful, but can be dangerous for a deaf person, cannot hear any warnings, you know like: “SHARK”.  Wouldn’t want to miss that! 

The anniversary and cruise isn’t until Sept, but something's you have to schedule in advance.

Oh we had a bad storm here today, lots of rain and our little stream tripled in size. Wind isn’t a problem here in the valley too much wind break.

We are enjoying sitting around; planning and reminiscing.  Having a hearing problem brought me in contact with a great lady some of you know, Ora of Kentucky.


(If you are familiar with Kentucky horses, you will remember Man-o-War, he has his own boulevard.)

Ora is a lucky lady, she is married to a retired Army Chaplain.  She entertained us with some of her adventures and  misadventures of military travel and foreign bases on her blog.

We met Ora and I learned a lot about Cochlea Implants. The Chaplain smiled a lot, I think he is giving her a chance to talk, since he has retired from it. LOL

100_0921 - Copy

Chaplain Mixon is a great guy, I can see why he was a successful chaplain. I learned a chaplain, like a pastor must have a strong wife, Ora fit the bill. You would never know she has a hearing problem.

Two more folks we have met thru the net. We are richer for it.  Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


A person, who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person. (This is very important. Pay attention! It never fails.)


This is a 1948 Chevy woodie. Never saw one. This was sent to me by my Great grandma in law, Joan in Utah.  She is Elsie’s ‘nother Great Grandma. haha! Thanks Joan, I got them all, thanks.


Sheila Y said...

We had a little stormy weather yesterday with a little rain. Rick played golf around Stokesdale yesterday and got rained on. Is it a lot cooler where you are? Enjoying the posts!! You and Sherry take care, Sheila

betty said...

I like that Chevy woodie, Jack! that was one of the things I missed about you not blogging when you were working poor Sherry to death with that house of yours, I missed the pictures of cars that you would highlight (along of course with hearing about your and Sherry's activities!)

I'm sure it will be a special cruise no matter what you guys choose to do because the two of you will be together enjoying a wonderful new adventure!

sunny here today.....


shirl72 said...

Great blog. Like to see you in your Sailor Suit
Do you remember seeing Jun and Odis in their
Navy uniforms? I guess that was in the 40's.
And the two Stars that hung in the window of the front door. Oh mercy that was a long time ago.
Better stop to much reminising. I miss all of them.


Anonymous said...

Timeless treasures, timeless memories. A bit like love indeed. All the very best for you two and a good Tuesday as well.

daily athens

Amelia said...

The Mayan Ruins would be awesome!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is exciting hearing about all your plans. For a change it was sunny here today. We continue to have way too much rain here. We started off really chilly at 51 degrees but it warmed up in the low 70's. This has been a cycle since Spring began. Cool days then hotter days, then rain storms. Hope you get some sunshine tomorrow!

Dar said...

Sherry and her man sure are a purrrty couple!~~~ and still today. Just looking at the two of you together and it's so easy to see the ease of your love. You two have a most wonderful time planning and realizing your cruise together.
I cannot wait to see the sights through your travels. I spent the morning with Mom, planting a surprise for Eric...She said he will be mad at first but he will get over it. Ya gotta love that girl. She has spunk. She can still pull off a pretty good surprise.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, I enjoyed seeing your pictures of your earlier cruises. I Always admired your flexibility in the military services. One tour was enough for me - although I really had good duty stations and good food everywhere I was assigned. I love scuba diving and got the PADI certificate while we were in Kenya. Haven't been even one time since we came home from Kenya. I know you'll enjoy the cruise better having your sweet Sherry with you.

Amelia said...

You have an award!

Y said...

All really good men better be married to strong women. It takes a lot of strength to keep the other women at bay.