Thursday, June 16, 2011

I’m in trouble please sent $3000

In the past year or so we have received e-mails from friends reporting trouble.  They had traveled to a foreign country and were robbed and needed $3000 to pay the hotel and travel bills. They promised to repay as soon as they got back.


Of course neither was true. In this wonderful world of the internet we have some smart crooks. I just wonder if they get any ‘suckers’ with that e-mail.  How do they do it? got me.  But they are smart enough to get someone’s mailing list.

The last one was our close friend ‘Evelyn’. Her case was the worst. She had “RUSHED OFF TO CYPRUS ON BUSINESS, WAS ATTACKED AND ROBBED AND NEEDED MONEY FAST! (grab Paula’s Oh sh—! handle fast). They took her e-mail, & name and changed her pass word. So she not only did not get my $3000 but could not get the sympathetic note I sent. LOL.

I’m still waiting for the person from South Africa to put the 10 million in my account after I sent them $500. 

please be quiet sweetheart

(Shut up talking about money, I’m sick of it!)

Amazing the scams that some folk fall for. Unlike the real world here in Mt. Bell, when those two good looking women came to my house looking for the lost tick with aids. I had to strip nekkid and let one of them search my whole bod (tickled in some places, too), while the other checked my clothes out, how embarrassing. Thank goodness they did not find the tick, and for some reason I cannot find my wallet I must have misplaced. You won’t catch me falling for that internet stuff that is for sure.


Anyway, Don and Evelyn came up to explain it was all a scam. We went out to eat and had a great visit. Now it is raining pretty steadily here in the mountains, but nice and cozy here in the motor home.

Many folks are hesitant to look at their bank account on line, or order anything because they are afraid of someone stealing their ID. In reality not many folk want to break into a huge account, like ‘America’s Bank’ just for one number.  They want to get ten thousand of them. I feel pretty safe ordering online. (Sherry is yelling, YOU SURE DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT!) HAHA!


(I’m holding my breath until she let’s me order something else!)

(That could be spunky asking, “What bird?”)

Anyway I think most of us would check out any story like those above, before  we committed any money.  Most of us know our friends and whether they might be in a foreign country stranded or not.

It has happened a lot.  Anyway thanks for coming this way.

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does anyone remember the country (or rock-a-billy) song, “I’m in trouble come and get me Mr. Jones?”


I want to order this 1950 Ford Woody!!!!


Dar said...

I need 3000 too. Geeez, the garbage mail out there is unbelievable. Glad I'm not a sucker. Bill just says "NO" to ordering anything on the net tho the kids do it all the time. He doesn't seem to mind, IF it's something for him...hmmmm. That's my man, forya!
Now, about that Woody, do you really need another?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

After just having my email account violated I sure don't feel very safe anymore. There were lots of people opening up my e-mails today wondering...Spamers like to nab on to peoples email list. I love the cute picture of the beagle holding his breath! Take care!

betty said...

You and me both with that Woody, Jack! Wonder what the shipping costs would be!! We got an email similar to what you described a few years back from someone who was a friend in the past but hadn't heard of for years. For a minute, we were taken back and wondering if it was true and how we could help, LOL, but then we started doing some checking and found out it was a scam. I too am waiting for my millions (not). Or all my lottery winnings that I keep getting emails from that I've won. I could be really rich (not).

I feel pretty safe ordering online and keeping track of bank accounts online. I'm thinking the banks do their best to keep it as secure as they can and just hope for the best :)


Helen said...

There sure are a lot of scams out there alright. Smart people never fall for them. Sounds like you smart. Helen

shirl72 said...

Glad Evelyn got her money together and made the trip to see you in the mountains. The one that
upsets me is when someone knocks on the door
and ask to use the phone while they are using
the phone the other person robs them. I guess people sit around thinking how to get money without working.

By the way I need a loan any amount you can send will help it will help me buy gas to get to the store for food. Your pitiful sister is that
sad enough.


Paula said...

The one I got a few months ago was from an online friend I knew had passed away. I guess her daughter had not thought to close her blog out. Boy was I surprised when her name popped up on my email.

Cher' Shots said...

As Whimpy would say "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!" lol We check our finances on a daily basis online, plus shopping! What cracks me up is that the people who are paranoid of shopping online, or banking online are the same ones who go to a bank where they do all of their work ONLINE! There are scoundrels around every corner. Don't be afraid but be aware!
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

I will not do banking on line. The banks know what they are doing, I don't. The minute I saw that picture I thought of Spunky. He was after a little frog right after it rained. It would sit and about the time Spunky thought he had it, it would jump. Spunky would not leave it to come in for the night so Joe picked it up and it ended up in the yard next to us , the hoarders.

Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack! Almost missed this one. Our friend, Ray Fulcher (did you know Ray and Bettie?) upon retiring found that one of his friends has sent 3000 or so to help him out. His friend sent the money to someone in England because their passports, wallet, credit cards had all been "stolen", and etc. They just moved a few miles from where they were pastoring and back to her hometown in Miss. The same town where I took my Exhorter's test. I've been invited to share millions from various "big time politicians" in Africa - if only I would send them my bank account number they were going to deposit 26 million into my account and then give me a mil when they arrived here. Ha!

shirl72 said...

Forgot to tell you I live by a has-been singer.
He was know as "Little Elvis" I hear about
his travels when I go to the mail-box.

PS You know Smoky and his sons were entertainers
He wrote and recorded Randy Travis first hit
When Randy first got into the business. The son still plays in bands for recordings. Dan sang
at Dale Earnhardt's Funeral. They had their day.
Just a few words about be over 70.