Sunday, June 12, 2011

Have you been on a cruise? (civilian)

As I mentioned in another entry we are very simple in our approach to life. It comes from the way we were raised. Sherry was raised on a ‘Mill Hill’ and I was raised in a parsonage, both of us by conservative parents. Money was ‘never’ wasted.

Below is a picture of my first dog, Bingo. Really was not mine She was a family pet. Oh, the cute little girl is Shirl.

scanoldpic7 051

If my pet seemed sick it would never go to a Vet. Dad’s approach was animals live and die in their time. Vets are expensive and are for farm animals, those that provide work and livelihood. Dad was an animal lover, and would never have intentionally hurt one.  He was raised on  a farm and was a farmer for the first few years of the early marriage. In the beginning he was a share-cropper. Their rent was paid by a share of the crop, a normal practice in rural Georgia at the time.

In the early years of their marriage they did not travel much. When farming fell off they traveled South following work. They spent some time in Hollywood, Florida working, early 1900’s.

In my early childhood vacations were always tied to something to do with the church. General Assemblies and Camp Meetings. I always looked forward to those. They were fun and reasonable. Mama could cook a great meal on any kind of fire, HA!

If we vacated, it was sight seeing, driving thru the mountains, sleeping at a camp sight, or in the car, Tourist Cabins were for the well off. Dad would love a motor home, mom would too, but they were before Winnebago made them popular.

This is the way we have vacationed: You could sleep in that Rambler, or this pop-up I built.

Scanoldpic9 009

Then we also spent time in tents with bears around:

Scanoldpic9 077

And I cannot forget the forerunner of our motor homes: The VW Camper we had a ball in it!

Scanoldpic9 025

Now to my question, if you have been on a cruise, did you take the tours, etc?

We have only been on one cruise together. We were content to walk about the ship, see the onboard shows. We walked off the ship once, and into town but came directly back, we are not into souvenirs and gifts too much. And why buy a meal ashore when they furnish everything to eat on the ship?

(That reminds me of the time Sherry came aboard the ship I was stationed on for Thanksgiving meal, she was astounded, loved it, wondered why I would EVER complain about the food! hahhaha, I told her the cooks were just showing off!)(Truthfully, the Navy food was good). Like Gary, I made a few cruises without my honey!

Scanoldpic9 007

From a cruise without Sherry, off the coast of Spain.Me, MA3 Darnell and PI3 Jones, that is DS3 Malinowski (ski) to the right with his back to the camera, what a life.

This time, for our anniversary, we are taking a 7 night cruise to the Western Caribbean. Cozumel, Belize and the Gran Cayman Isle. Of course the ship offers many shore excursions, we have not taken one. Prices are from $40 pp to $150 pp, now we probably won’t take the $150 one. haha.

I searched and searched for the cheapest cruise I could find. We got a good price and this time we even sprung for a balcony and looking forward to it.  I love the sea, would live on it with my Sherry.

Thanks for the advice,

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No, to answer your question. A cruise is out of my retirement budget for sure. I think it is great that you can go and celebrate a wonderful anniversary! Not many get that chance for sure. You both deserve to have a great time.

Ken Riches said...

Jamaica, plantation tour.
Grand Cayman, swim with the stingrays
Cozemel, Myan Ruins

Sheila Y said...

No, we haven't tried a cruise yet. Part of me wants to and part of me doesn't...ha. Most of our vacations are at the beach. I know ya'll will have a great time. Enjoy the smooching in the mountains...Sheila

betty said...

never been on a cruise; but yours sounds heavenly! I have heard people who have been on cruises that have taken some of the adventures offered at ports and liked them, but did say they could be costly. I would be with you; I would enjoy my time on the ship and the food provided there!

loved your camping experiences; I'm sure those were some of the best times of your life in looking back at them! To me they seem a bit rugged, but I'm sure they were downright fun!


shirl72 said...

You know my answer for a cruise "AIN'T been on
one and "AIN'T going will keep both feet on the

I wish someone would fixed my hair when I was
little it was always a mess. My sister would
say I had to much hair and pin it up. Oh well
I can do it myself now.

Glad you are having a good vacation. You and
Sherry deserve a long rest after all the work
you did in about a month. See you when you
get back home.


Helen said...

Nope never been on a cruise. My parents never went on a vacation and I haven't been on many myself. You and Sherry enjoy that cruise. Helen

Anonymous said...

Yes, but everyone seemed more into eating like pigs & drinking like fishes than seeing the sites. So....not really my bag. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

Yes, towards Sweden, with me first girl friend, and her parents ;)
Thank you for the memories. Always two hands of water beneath your keel; and a wonderful start into the new week as well.

Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack! OMGoodness, It sounds GREAT! You and Sherry will have a wonderful time I know. We took one cruise like that in our life...just before I retired. We sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale to three Islands in the Carribbean and back in just a few short days. At the moment I can't remember the names of the Islands. I loved the 24 hour a day food - and the best part was sharing the balcony room with Frances.

We were with family and close friends (Frances two brothers and sister and spouses) so naturally had a great time with them. Our biggest problem? There were a dozen or more transvestites traveling on the same cruise! Frances was horrified by a couple of them in the ladies restroom. Haahahahah. It was hilarious too - when one of them came over and wanted to play against the winner of our chess game. You should have heard the excuses being given by our bunch!!!

I've had terribly frustrating experiences here trying to blog lately. I found one blog I had subscribed to months ago and only had read a couple of times - then all of a sudden that was the only one I could find. For today, I'm back. I don't know for sure yet what has happened.

Have fun in the mountains - and if you happen over on this side of the hill please please give us a call. Frances and I would love to see you two. BTW - she went to Tellico Plains with me this morning for S.School only. Maybe, just maybe...she is starting to get some strength back.

I read all your blogs today until I found my last comment. ☺☻☺

Rose said...

I have tried to leave a comment several times and something is going wrong!

Hugs, Rose

Rose said...

I just played with this for several tries and then I unchecked the box where is says "leave me signed on".........Ugh.

Anyway, I went on a weekend cruise once many, many years ago and once I did a one day cruise.

Have a wonderful time and Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple!

Hugs, Rose

shirl72 said...

Glad you found my blog. I don't write often.
I had a good feeling with our last visits watching the storm do its thing. You are right just the two of us to carry the good name of Mother, Dad, SA and Katherine. We will do our best.

We had storm Friday, Saturday and rain tonight.
Nothing fell in the yard.


Jean said...

The only cruise I've been on was a deep sea fishing cruise( can you call that a cruise)lol. i wouldn't think so. I hope you find the one you like and i know you and Sherry will have a great time.Happy Anniversary! Jean

Dar said...

Have on been 'cruisin' on down the road!' That's the only kind of cruise we've ever been on other that going on one of those hydrojet boats to see the Grand Motel in the U.P. or to Washington Island on a school trip, once. Do they qualify? Bill would never go, he's not partial to big water. Been married to him for nearly 31 yrs. and still don't know why~~~hmmm
Have a great time 'cruisin' and 'smoochin' with your girl.

Dar said...

OOPS~~Have NOT been

Amelia said...

A lot of nice memories here.. I understand what your dad meant by pets were meant to live and die but I still have to take mine to a vet if I can afford it. And no, I have never been on a cruise.


Lindie said...

I have not been on a cruise. We were going to do it for our 25th anniversary but he had heart surgery instead! Right now I am down in TX babysitting my daughter's 3 little ones while she and her husband are on their first cruise for their 25th anniversary.