Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally getting to the outside.

Nah, not really a lot outside. I plan to move some out buildings if I can. This is a shot of the back yard before Sticky got here with the Sucker.003

This is the area today:

MORE 406 3 001

So in the last couple days I tackled the Carport erosion. It looked like this:

more 406 2 016more 406 2 017

You see the crack under the Camaro (No it is not ours, belongs to Grandson Matt), I was able to raise it back up about an inch with the 20- ton jack. I split the rotted crossties and put two concrete pillars under it and sealed it. Now here it is:

MORE 406 3 003

MORE 406 3 004

MORE 406 3 005

This borders on our little covered patio, and it looks so much better, while we are having our coffee or watermelon breaks.

Where are we going some have asked? Well at first we will take a short trip to the Mts. then maybe a short trip to the beach to see the Tuckers new beach house. THEN the Catskills sound great for a couple weeks, then we will head north east to some of our favorite country. We have a list of places to eat (thanks to Rose, who is a misplaced Mass person and Lindie who lived in that area also. But for sure we will eat some Lobsta.

I plan to take Sherry on a cruise for our 55th wedding anniversary in Sept so we will have to hurry back.

YES, we are ready for a break. You know I am surprised, I thought the soreness would go away with working mostly 7 days a week 10-12 hours, but it AIN’T! so I guess old folk should not get sore, cause it don’t go away. Looking forward to sitting by a campfire and also reading and walking during the day.

Thanks for coming this way, I know you have other things you could be doing, so thanks for taking the time.

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Paula said...

I never have anything better to do then read about you and Sherry and Shirl too.

betty said...

your upcoming travels and cruise sound like fun! I was thinking over dinner today you need to head WEST and settle in here for a few weeks and help get some things done around here! You guys do great work inside and out and we have plenty of work inside and out that need to be done :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds like a busy summer for you. I hope you do take time just to rest and enjoy the campfire. The cruise sounds like a really special way to celebrate your 55th. and a perfect way to end the summer. Have a terrific Tuesday!

~mel said...

Is my bedroom done yet? What's the hold up??

Lucy said...

Welcome to my world of old peoples pain when doing anything like hoeing weeds and you have been doing more than that. You are one handy man to have around. Just be careful on your travels and I think Hawaii is a great idea. Never been there but would like to.

Y said...

Richard once, also single-handedly, raised a sagging structure. He used a jack that he borrowed from the builders of the World War II Museum Hiigins Boat Builders.

Anonymous said...

As it is said, that humans are inteligent, because of having fingers, this an impressive proof !
Warm coffee, cold melon and a great Wednesday for you all.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, there is nothing I would rather be doing right now than reading and responding to your blog. What a magnificent job you did on the erosion problem. That's beautiful work! So - you're heading out on the road again are you? Wish I were going with you (but not without Frances). ☺ If you get over this way let us know - we'll meet you somewhere.

Fred Alton said...

Or you can always come here!

Ken Riches said...

It definitely takes longer to recover from projects!

Amelia said...

Enjoy your break from all that work!


Anonymous said...


Carport looks good where you fix the front. Can't believe you have finished. Looks great.
You both need a vacaton just don't stay to long.


Anonymous said...

Damn, my life is dull :o.~Mary