Sunday, June 5, 2011

The results of a lot of work, but it was fun

Sherry and Shirl removed this lowered border before painting

from living room wall

And YES, we kept the stripes, A lot of thought went into keeping it. first the paper is on wood paneling. Not sure of the damage we would do removing it, because it is stuck GOOD!

more 406 2 004 - Copy

This vanity was just not set properly. It was not against or square with the wall.  Since the floor covering had lines in it, it was just too obvious:more604 004

This is the replacement:

more 406 2 003

Sherry worked on the old one some and I installed it in the new bath. it looks good there. I changed to a single lever Moen Faucet set.

more 406 2 009

BAck some, a little more Sticky:

Ewing Drive 022

Look at our house in the back ground, see the number of roof lines and you can see the times it has been remodeled in 50+yrs. the open door on the house goes into the new laundry room.

Ewing Drive 013


When Stick was not around I got to Play! but only on my little tractor:

Ewing Drive 015

I have been unable to comment on many blogs. And when I can it is usually ‘anon’.  Shirl is having the same problems.

Enough of this entry to the log, thanks for coming by.

Nite Shipslog

PS: From what I see, after I install one light fan in the new bath, we are through!!


Cher' Shots said...

Busy, busy! I'm seeing some nice changes in your new abode. Nice to see you both back on here.
'love & hugs from afar'

betty said...

I like the stripes; I think I would have kept them too. It is just amazing how much work you guys did and how different and great everything looks now!! Very well done!!

It is a problem with commenting these days; I had to download Google Chrome to make commenting easier. I also heard if when you sign onto Blogger, make sure the "keep me signed in" box is not checked. That is suppose to help if it is not checked. It is very frustrating indeed!!

onward to new adventures I imagine in the days/weeks ahead!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you all can get some rest now after that major renovation. I didn't realize you were doing over the outside too! Lots are having troubles commenting but so far I'm ok. Just have very slow internet lately. I love the wireless but still wish we could be a bit faster. Somedays I just give up.
Take good care and have a great Monday!

Lucy said...

Jack, Shirl and Sherry. What a great job. Aren't you going to sleep in it one night,. You need to stake your territory, or building mark. Spunky claims ever tree he can find. The stripes still make my eyes blur. Everyone has or is having trouble commenting and I used anonymous for a while then it came around. It got up to 98 here yesterday, and it isn't even summer.

Y said...

You know that when you're a homeowner/handyman, you're never "through."

Sheila Y said...

Everything is looking good. I had trouble commenting too, but it's working again for now. I un-clicked 'stay signed in' under the sign in area and it started working, but don't know if it was that or just a coincidence. Where you headed after the house is finished? Take care, your NC neighbor, Sheila

Helen said...

It all looks really good. I also like those green strips. I bet the wanderlust is kicking in pretty good by now. Maybe it would be better though when it cools a bit. It's in the mid nineties for several day now. Dry as a bone. Helen

Fred Alton said...

Great! Jack. Congrats on a job well done! You have that craftsman's touch. I'm glad you got to play on the tractor. I miss coming here every day and reading your blog - but know you are very busy with that project. Come over to our side of the mountain when you can and we'll keep you up all night before we let you go to bed hungry!!

Amelia said...

Lookin' good


Danielle Carothers said...

Very impressive post.

Moen Faucet