Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Daddy

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I just want to say, for a man, the eldest of 9 brothers and 3  sisters born on a farm in North Georgia who had to quit school in the 3rd grade to work on the farm, my daddy did well. He was born Jan 14, 1903, Frank Benjamin Darnell. He was named after Frank James and Benjamin Franklin. In his later years he changed his name to Benjamin Frank (then he added: Thomas Jefferson Edison Roosevelt) Darnell.

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(That handsome man behind Dad is Sherry’s dad Wiley)

He was self educated for the first few years (taught school lessons in the evening by his younger sisters who continued school). He, on his own hook, attended Bible Schools as his time and jobs permitted. He applied for license to preach and was awarded Ordained credentials in two organizations. Daddy became a super pastor. All members of his congregations were considered the same. No big U and little U’s. The Organization he settled with was the Church of God, Headquarters, Cleveland, TN.


Something about dad was inspiring. Every church he pastored doubled in size and a couple tripled. He had a pastor’s heart. No hour was too late for one of his parishioners to call him. I lived with him. NEVER did I hear him complain about members demands on his life.

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(In retirement he was proud of the yard decorations that my brother BF Jr. made)

He had several personal philosophies that he lived by, I wish I could. These are the ones I remember:

1. You aren’t too tall, if you have to pull someone else down.

2. a lot can be accomplished, if you do not care who gets the credit.

3. Church member’s time is valuable, they work hard and need their rest. Start on time and end timely, according to the leading of the spirit.

4. Every child will grow up to be somebody, they will not remain immature, do not hurt them!

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(He did like a hat)

Daddy lived to see the automobile, airplane,and space travel. But to dad, his car was his working tool. He kept it gassed, clean, and the oil changed. It was available to take his parishioners to the hospital, bring them to church or follow a hearse with their loved ones in it. I never knew him to insult or hurt a member of his church. He was not too good to cut the grass or clean the church, or fix anything that broke that he could. It was His church and His people and God help anyone who messed with either.

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(His favorite place in the world, the pulpit)

His accomplishments cannot be numbered.

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(He was full of life,fishing in our front yard with no water! With my mama cheering him on to catch something in the sand!)

I miss you dad, you were the greatest. I would give anything if I had been half the man you were.

Night Shipslog,


It was said of Jesus, ‘Never a man spake like that!” Dad was that kind of man, folks hung on his every word.


And to show how honest I am, Shirl was his favorite off spring. (ouch, that hurt!)


betty said...

he loved you all! we do have our favorites though (though we will never admit it) but HE LOVED YOU ALL!

he took his responsibilities seriously as a man of God. He knew he would be accountable as the Good Book says for the flock God gave him to shepherd and it sounds like he shepherded them well!

don't sell yourself short; you are a good honorable man Jack!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can tell by all you write that you father was much loved. You've written lots about him in the past and today's tribute is a great one. It's a little overcast here this morning but I'm hoping that soon the sunshine will make it over the hill and it'll be a nice day. Happy Fathers Day to you !

Helen said...

Great tribute to your dad Jack.
Happy Father's Day to you. Helen

Y said...

Bet we know where you learned to embrace life and your wife...

Paula said...

Hope you're having a happy Father's Day. Your Dad sounds like a wonderful minister and someone I wish I could have known. I think you are probably more like him then you think.

shirl72 said...

Mama loved you best..Good article about our
wonderful DAD....I meet people almost
everyday that will say nice things about our
Dad and Mother. He was loved by everyone.
He was rich with Common Sense. Sure do miss him.


Anonymous said...

oh !

much respect upon this entry of yours. the second quote will remain in me mind. thank you very much for sharing.

please have you all a good new week.

~mel said...

This is a wonderful tribute to your Dad ~ I'm so glad he and your Momma had you and didn't let Shirl stuff you in a gunny sack and throw you in the river to see if you could swim :)


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY JACK! Love ya:)(Sherry too!)

Lucy said...

Great tribute to your father. My dad signed his nae on his old age pension check with an x. The bank took it with out a problem. Can you imagine anyone doing that today. He could not write but could read the paper.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha on Shirl's comment!
What a heartfelt post.
A very Happy Father's Day to you. ~Mary