Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Cares!

Many days humans have a bad time. Maybe you wet the bed. Heck maybe you messed your pants. (I have to laugh at that, thinking of the second $20 in one of Jimmy’s jokes).  Who cares?


Your ice maker just quit, who cares?

Your car won’t start, who cares?

You lost your job, who cares?

It all boils down to YOU care. The one who is most affected, cares. Then when you tell your best friend, they will care (but it probably won’t fix it).


Any troubles you have, you can bet that you are not the only one who cares. Have you ever been down, and a friend (family or not) puts an arm around your shoulder, sometimes without saying a word, you know ‘Someone cares.’  Many times it works on the phone.


(I do not know these girls, but they seem to care)

That is important to us humans, just to know someone cares. Now if you are a person of faith, you know that your God cares.  If you are a Christian, down deep you know Jesus cares. If you are a person with dedication to your faith, you will say a prayer. Either verbally or down deep in your soul, and in no time, you will know, YES someone CARES.


(I like the L vitamins)

I was raised in a very fundamental Christian home. Very seldom did we see a doctor, because my dad believed Jesus cared. So he would pray for what ever ailed us.

Daddy is gone. Who cares?  For a fact, I do. I forgot to ask him a lot of things.

I have to laugh at myself. Before my mom passed away I was going to ask her a lot of stuff. One of my first questions that day was, “Mama what kind of horses did you and daddy have?”

Scanoldpic8 029 - Copy

Mama laughed out loud, “Son we never had horses, they were for rich folk and their shiny buggies, working folk had mules and wagons. Mules did everything a horse could do plus work all day, a horse couldn’t do that. Your daddy had the best pair of matched Roman Nosed mules in the county; Bob and Blue.”

Who cares? tonight I do. I wish I had a picture of my daddy on that peanut farm with his mules. He told me once he had the largest crop in the county one year; it was a whole box car load.

I know folks who have lost a loved one, especially a mate. Now in that respect, I can care, but I cannot KNOW how deeply they hurt. BUT I CARE!

On this net you find folks who care!

I broke my rules again, sorry, but who cares?

I do, but I am not going back and try to drop anything.(I lied, I dropped 125 words)

NIte Shipslog


I handed the teller at my bank a withdrawal slip for $400.00
I said "May I have large bills, please"

She looked at me and said "I'm sorry sir, all the bills are the same size."

Sooooooo when you are right ,you are right!


Before I forget, The operation went good for Vernon, they cleaned out the infection.

Johnny is doing well and expected to be released soon.

Scanoldpic8 020

(That is a Nash Rambler, oh yeah, and my Sherry)

Across the table, Sherry looks good and we are going to bed soon!!!!! (for a good nights rest, Cher!! and the rest of you who were thinking otherwise)


Anonymous said...

I do not know these girls but they seem to care.


Sherry always looks beautiful in every shot.

Sheila Y said...

We sure did miss you guys when you weren't blogging. Now your post time says 2:57 pm, that's a loooong good nights rest...just sayin'...ha. Glad to hear Johnny and Vernon are doing well. Take care, Sheila

Sheila Y said...

You posts must be in pacific time because it is 3 hours later than the time it says...8:28 pm here....Sheila

Dar said...

I care. I care too much sometimes. Can a person care too much? It sometimes wears me out. So much happy, so much unhappy.
Happy also, to hear that Johnny will be home soon and Vernon is on the mend. Have you both a great time in those Mts. that you love so much.

Fred Alton said...

Great to read your blog tonight right after a thunderstorm passed through here. Hope it doen't come over the mountain with too much force. Yep, I care. LoL. You and Sherry are two who would come to mind if I asked the question, "Does anyone care?". Glad to know that the brother in law is doing better.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I care and I usually let people know I care and yes I know that the dear Lord cares about all of us. It's nice to know that and most of the time I remember it. Thanks for letting us know about Johnny and Vernon and thanks to One who always cares for answered prayers. Hope you have a good night's rest.

Paula said...

A very nice entry. I think bloggers are ones who almost always care.

betty said...

glad to hear Vernon made it through the operation and I'm glad for the update for Johnny; I was wondering how he was doing!! I think we are basically caring people; I think we try to be kind as best we can. I think that's why everyone reaches into their pockets to help the less fortunate and those that are impacted by natural disasters. I hope we never stop caring :)


Anonymous said...

Great post Jack and I, for one DO care, especially for good friends like you and Sherry. I'll have to sign as anonymous because Blogger, just like Google, is always screwed up one way or the other.

Who Cares?

Lindie said...

I know what you meant about wishing to ask your daddy something. I have many questions for my parents now, and had many to ask my husband when he was gone. I used to think if I had just one more hour with him I would get my questions answered. Now I know it would take much longer.