Monday, June 27, 2011

I escorted Sherry to her 55th Reunion, Class of 1956



(Our dear friend Mary Ann (L) her sis. Joan (R) the lady in the Blue chewed me out for standing too close to the class name and décor)

The big event was held at the ‘Little Big Horn’, a well known steak house in Stanley, NC. I kept wondering when the class would show up, all I saw was a bunch of old folks driving up. I kept asking Sherry where her class mates were, she turned to me and said, “Honey those ARE my class mates!”

1956Power Hawk, studebaker


“What? Some of those old geezers could hardly walk, much less run a football down the field. What happened to those school kids? The ones who stayed out all night partying?” (Some were yawning 10 minutes into the gathering)

1956 chevrolet


(Joan, Max (class pres) & Martin, Tuck in the foreground)

I don’t know many of them, I quit school, yeah a drop out, in the 11th grade I think. Back then a lot of folks quit to go to work in the mills, some quit and headed for Detroit to build cars. And then many of us quit to join a branch of the military, I chose the USMC. Sherry graduated the year I joined and we were married three months later. I ruined her plans to become a nurse.



Sherry, Ed (back to me) & Good friend Evelyn)

The Reunion was great for all the class mates. Sherry knew most of them of course. She was fortunate, some of these folks were with her from the first grade to graduation. I only went to school in Belmont about a year and a half, I think. Sherry loved the school, personally I cannot say a good word about the school except I found my Thrill there, but that is saying a lot for it.

1956-cars Buick roadmaster


Lot of friend greeting friend (Rose on the left)

Like every class, there were successful folk. Two,  great guys BTW, became dentist’s.  Another became a realtor, he was not a great guy. A couple nurses (one our friend Rose, Tuck’s wife) the class president was into sales (good guy).  Evelyn worked for the Post office and bookkeeper before that (one of the good guys).



We were there

A couple more drop outs were there. My friend Ed, who quit to join the Navy. Our good friend and lovely lady, Mary Ann quit to get married. As years go on and the classes get smaller for reunions, they invite the drop-outs to fill in. That is a nice gesture, but you still don’t get back into the group. haha.  I was not a drop-out from this class but from the next class down. They have never invited me to attend the reunions and I don’t expect it.



(Speeches were made, but not heard very well)

The meal was great, they do cook a great steak. (They are famous for their tomato and onion sandwich on toast as an appetizer) My girl had a good time, I was on good behavior, She deserves all the camaraderie, cause she is the best of the bunch, and I don’t do too much mingling anymore.

1956 thunderbird, THE FORD 


(The lady in blue and white was one of the teachers of this bunch!, That sheet in the back ground is what I got chewed about for touching!)

I know lots of folks have moved more than I, but I was in four different schools growing up, so I didn’t have the ties  like Sherry.


(This is Don & Evelyn the next day at their home, we went out in the country to get some veggies!)

We are fortunate, Evelyn, Rose and Mary Ann have stayed friends and in the past few years we have RV’d with Don & Evelyn some every year. Mary Ann actually lives at one of the resorts we stay at, that makes it nice. That girl is one pleasant lady.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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A. Charley Weaver: It got me out of the army.

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betty said...

looked like a great reunion Jack and Sherry!! Amazing teachers were there! they must have been fresh out of college and first years of teaching! All looked great (Sherry and you especially). LOL I had to do the math to figure out what year Sherry graduated; same year my brother was born (and I born a year later).

I think that was great Sherry you were considering nursing at one point; a very noble field; but I think you did great with how your life turned out with Jack and your sons!

Thanks for taking us to your reunion; enjoyed it!


Paula said...

John and I were just talking about the subject of how old our classmates look. Then we started laughing and realizing they probably think the same thing about us. Some people won't go to reunions because of this subject so they miss out on a lot of fun. We all age, get fatter (but not you and Sherry) and our hair greys. John was one of the ones who had to quit to work to help support his brothers and sisters but his class always invites him and we do go some years. My 50th was several years ago. Glad you two were able to go.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sure looks like a great time was had by all! I'm glad you both enjoyed it. Hope your Tuesday is a great one!

Fred Alton said...

Great pictures and great memories! And you were right, Sherry still looks younger than all the others! ☺

Lucy said...

Great pictres. You and Sherry's was the best. I agree with Fred, Sherry does look younger than the rest.

shirl72 said...

Glad all the old folks showed up. It takes
us longer to get where we are going. I just got
a Birthday card for my friend that is the same
age it says.."Where are we going" she replied
I don't know I thought you were driving. Well
so much for old age we are there and no turning
back. Like Fred I think they all look older than
me. Glad you had a good time.


Anonymous said...

I know it is sort of terrible for me to write this, BUT, you & Sherry look a hell of a lot better than the other reunioners. ~Mary

Glenda said...

Sherry, there's that beautiful smile in your heart-shaped face, you look wonderful! And your
date is still a handsome dude :)

Dar said...

Looks like the reunion was a hit! Sherry and you look great, per usual. I love the class reunions, but I don't like that they are getting smaller. I organized one of ours years ago, including the drop-outs, those that did not graduate With us due to moving or other reasons. It was the best turn out of all. Hmmm. Bill's reunions are so much more fun than mine but we still go every 5 yrs. Looks like you still get in trouble, you stinker, you. Stay away from that sign. LOL

Ken Riches said...

Some age more gracefully than others.