Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Are we Americans so thick that we fall for the junk sent out on the internet & see on TV? I just got an offer for:

1….$500K life insurance. No waiting, no physical and no tests.  as low as $15 mo. Smokers accepted. Reasonable monthly rates.

2……I got an offer for a loan, bad credit? no problem, no job? no problem.

3…..My cousin Ken just forwarded to me a great offer. He said he would take it but it a little too old.(He is about a yr. older than I). Anyway this nice lady in England wants to use me as her builder and confidant. She is dying of cancer and wants me to build a school for the underprivileged in America. She only has $9.6 million to give, and understands that I should get something for doing it so 30% will be put into my bank account.  All she needs is my SS # and bank  name and account # so she can forward a million to show good faith.  I really want to help, but I am about as old as Ken and it would be a strain on me also.  I am sure she will find a sucker, I mean a willing person.  Does anyone want her e-mail address?


4…….We watched a little TV while Jack was here. I was amazed at the offers I have been missing. I love the new exercise machines, and those veggie cutters, I gotta have one. It is hard to pass up though, I added up the extras you get for buying that thing for 3 payments of $39.95 and I would be getting over $600 worth of great stuff!!! I thought and thought about it and decided I would wait until I saw one at a yard sale.


5….. I go to a new web site and all of a sudden this box flashes and jumps all over the place saying I am the millionth visitor and I have won an I-phone. WOW

Politics: You have to laugh at all the politicians, Republicans and Democrats.  It is election time, THEY CAN FIX ANYTHING! If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny. I really have to laugh at tax the rich, you kidding? The Rich have never passed a bill to tax them selves.  I would love to hear one of the millionaires or billionaires who want to be taxed more say, “Last year I felt so bad about how I was not taxed that I sent in two million dollars extra and had them apply it to the national debt.”  THEN I might believe the rich want to be taxed more. UNTIL THEN they ain’t serious.

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But then we have a lot of folks who believe the first things I listed.

Nite Shipslog


If you are supposed to learn from your mistakes, why do some people have more than one child?


Car of the day!


A 1951 Buick Special waiting for a Steam Locomotive.  Did you ever place a penny on the track? Just read over in , they are still doing that!


Paula said...

Good entry! They must get some takers that they keep on sending out this stuff. We have been getting so many calls lately wanting money for this or that good cause.

Anonymous said...

I got the same e-mail from Ken. I cannot believe
anybody would fall for something like that.
I don't know how we do without those gadgets. I will probably send some money to Congress for their Christmas presents they are paid very little. LOL


Anonymous said...

oh yes, please explain me life, as it has become too complicated for me. the kind of spam i get is usally about viagra and ms office.

please have a good thursday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does make me wonder just how many folks fall for those crazy scams and the gadgets too. There sure are a lot people trying to rip us off out there. Hopefully everyone knows by now that you never give any personal info over the phone or the internet by now... That is a no no for sure. It's been raining here today and getting colder. There is even snow forecast in some places for tomorrow. Hope it's not here.

Fred Alton said...

Made me laugh on the "first mistake" people make, then have another child - until I thought about it. I know why we had another one. I figured out it wasn't a mistake! I'm sure my firstborn would agree with that. ☺

Those scams were so many at one time coming out of Africa that they became known in investigative circles as "Nigerian Fraud". I used to get calls from some of our folks wanting to know whether to send their bank number so they could receive 10% of multi-million dollars from people wanted to do benevolent work. Sad, really. Some lost thousands from their bank account. I suggest that anytime you received and e-mail from someone wanting to give you something - DELETE IT!


You are right Jack all kinds of crazy stuff on the internet and TV. Things too good to be true, probably are. Looks like that Buick is a little too close to that approaching train, don't you think? LOL Got to get my shovel ready. They're calling for snow here tommorrow. Take care.

Dar said...

Desperate notions for desperate folks......they must not know God...and they cannot have a conscience that's clear.
Great entry and BlessYa

betty said...

Like I said before, if I responded to every single email where I won the lotto or they needed my help with something, I'd be rich and retired by now, LOL. Yet people do fall for them, and that is sad because that's why the folks keep still doing it. I like your thinking to get those gadgets at a garage sale, you watch and see somewhere along the line you'll see them and they'll be going for cheap!


Amelia said...

You gotta love the infomercials where they spend an hour drilling it into your head that it's the best product ever. You gotta love the small print, "Results WILL vary".

Yeah, I agree, No rich person wants to be taxed anymore than what they already are.

Take care.


Lucy said...

I agree with everyone. Now I must say this Warren Buffet lives in Omaha, Ne. and is , lets just say, very rich. I know most all has heard of him. He says he wants to pay more taxes. He lives in a plain house in little old Nebraska. I would be more than happy to take some off his hands but I don't think he knows me. lol TV ius so full of all those crazy ads and the internet does a pretty good job of it to.

Lucy said...

I agree with all of the above. Our very rich man that lives in Omaha, Ne. says he wants to pay more taxes. I would love to take some of that excess money off his hands. Especially if it is to much to handle.