Saturday, November 5, 2011

“The hurrier I Go” (The behinder I get)

It is not the Christmas season and I found myself frustrated at crowds. I think it is just me, but sometimes the guy or gal ahead of me thinks they are the only ones in the store. Cart on one side of the aisle and they are on the other,  reading a label.  Even at the Flea Market, for heaven’s sake, don’t they know I might miss a bargain!!! They were ALL in my way.

I honestly did get irritated, BUT then I says to myself, “Self, are you an any hurry? Do you have an appointment? Are you missing a medicine taking time? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!  So smile and relax the bus will not leave without you!!!!”

I chided myself anyway, we stopped to shop for groceries on Saturday, Are we crazy? we can shop any day.  We can actually shop at 2AM if we like, hey, we are flexible. If I don’t watch it, I revert back to the working days when time meant money. If I was not on the job, I was not earning a dime.  I have to tell myself, RELAX; and I do, I nearly went to sleep in the checkout line, ha!

Life in the fast lane is rough. Especially if you are going the wrong way.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

We shop early on Saturday morning.....the crowds are with their little darlings at the local ballgames.....gott'a love little kids anything else the kids are doing....keeps the crowds away until after lunch....


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Old habits do die hard and we don't like to be held up from anything we want to do, but yes, it is a good reminder to think we have no time card to punch. Our time is slow and easy and there is no rush at all to anyplace here anymore. Every time I see someone speed on by me, I pray they make it to their destination safely. Seems most of the world is in a rush, but not here and not there so we are the lucky ones for sure. It's still in the 40's here today but the sun is shining and I think we are to warm up to the mid 50's. Take good care!

Rose said...

Oh my, I was experiencing the same disgruntled feelings in the store the other day. I was getting annoyed with everyone around me! I thought perhaps I was just getting grumpy in my old age but not so....there are many rude, inconsiderate people in the stores lately.

Here in South Florida, some of those snowbirds are down already crowding our streets, stores and restaurants so I blamed that on the over crowding while I was trying to do my normal routine of shopping for groceries.

You are right, we retired folks are no longer in a hurry so I guess we have to change our habits just a tiny bit when it comes to the time of day or the days of the week that we choose to do our errands! LOL

Hugs, Rose

Ken Riches said...

I felt that type of frustration yesterday driving here in Manhattan, it was maddening.

Paula said...

I always ask John if he has to catch a bus? Whats your hurry? We live right down the street from our super Wal*Mart and it's so peaceful in there late but do we wait to go then? Seldom.

betty said...

I think my biggest gripe is people on their cell phones in the store, just chatting away, oblivious to where their cart is in relationship to the aisles, etc. We shop Saturday afternoons; another big gripe is only have two registers open on a busy day like that......Of course when we first get to the store, there's no one in line, when we are ready to check out the lines are wrapped half away around the store into the store next door (okay a bit exaggerating, but......). I'm just glad to have the money to go shopping :)

hope you guys have a good Sunday!


Sheila Y said...

You just need to do like Jarin did once when she was little. She was in the main part of the shopping cart (or as I say the buggy), we were walking through the toy aisle. We came up on a woman and her buggy, in the way. I was waiting for her to move when Jarin suddenly yelled 'MOVE'. It was a little embarrassing but she did get out of the way...ha. Have a great Sunday, Sheila


I shop late at night or early in the morning to avoid the crowds. People can be a little disconcerting. Just got to slow down, step back and let all that frustration wash away. It can eat you alive if you let it. Hang in there. take care.

Fred Alton said...

Ha. Had to laugh at that "falling asleep in the check-out lane" crack! Reminded me of how shocked I was to enter a Wal-mart in Kissimmee at 9:00pm and the crowd was over-whelming! It took longer to check out than it did to buy the less than 20 items I had purchased.

Love that '76. I owned one of them once!