Monday, November 21, 2011

DEBT, Christmas

Giving is one of the most rewarding actions I have ever known. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the birthday and Christmas presents Mama and Daddy got me. But in our family it stopped at the door. It was a family thing. Oh, I enjoyed drawing names in our Class at school and in Sunday School. I loved the atmosphere at our church when kids were chosen to deliver packages thru out the church  as names were called.


Daddy was always my pastor growing up. He and mama would ‘ALWAYS’ buy and wrap several extra packages. Mama was very sharp. she watched to see who did not get something and a name was quickly added to a package. NO ONE left the church without a gift. Funny back then a gift was a gift, the value was ‘not’ important. It was hearing YOUR name called.

I have had two men come up to me since I grew up and returned to our home town. Each thanked me for gifts that I do not remember giving.  Both were from very poor homes at the times. One was a single shot .22 hunting rifle, I remember having it, but not giving it away, when I joined the USMC.

Sherry and I have always practiced the same trend. We stayed within our home for ‘gifts’. These gifts were always paid for. We never borrowed for Christmas, that seemed to ruin the thought of Christmas for us. We had friends who started complaining toward the end of January, about the bills they had to pay. It has ALWAYS been our practice, if you cannot buy it you must live without it.

We have been very fortunate, our health has always been good. Giving is part of our life. I love giving coins to kids. (I think Sherry is beginning to like writing checks, uh huh!)

It is not really giving something you own, if you must borrow to do it. Just my opinion.

Thanks for coming this way.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

All good thoughts there today. I see many are already turning their thoughts toward Christmas. I have Christmas music playing on the radio here. I've always kept with the belief that what you give will come back to you and it's true. Hope your Monday is off to a great start.


Living within your means at this time of year is the thing to do. I always enjoy giving much more than receiving. It's fun to play Santa. LOL I too remember a time when a gift however small was really truly appreciated. Nowadays it's all about materialism. Take care. Happy Thanksgiving.

Helen said...

Good advice Jack! Helen

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you called it to my attention about spending. I was almost ready to go out
the door and start spending your inhertance.LOL

Mother didn't want anybody to go without a present. That is why we love to give. I am also blessed with good health and don't owe any money.


Amelia said...

It does feel good to see other people's faces light up :-)


Paula said...

We too never went into debt for Christmas.Like the grandma joke.

betty said...

I'm with you, Jack, on not spending money you don't have for Christmas. Had charged in the past, but mainly to do shoppinig online. These days I find I like to buy for those that might not get anything else and just immediate family (son, hubby's side of the family). I'm so blessed I figure I really don't want nor need anything else!


Cher' Shots said...

I have to say I agree with you wise ole' Jack! We have never spent beyond our means, if we don't have it; we don't spend it. And that includes at Christmas time. We do love to give, but sometimes its fun to do 'just because' instead of waiting for a holiday or birthday.
Like Corgi said; quote "I'm so blessed ...don't want nor need for anything else!"
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

We do not go into debt for Christmas. We will be budgeting tightly for the necessities. I keep telling Joe that at 82, I do not know what on earth I could possibly want. I just want our family to try to be together and that everyone stays healthy. My kids know we barely make it so they expect nothing. It was hard to finally come to realize ,we can't afford to buy for all like we used to when we were both working ,but they don't mind. Every year on their Christmas cards they say "don't spend your birthday money on us". Let us do our thing and be with family.

Ken Riches said...

A wise philosophy.

Fred Alton said...

I'm in agreement. If you can't afford it, don't buy it - for any reason.