Friday, November 25, 2011

Finally, an internet ad that counts


Lately I asked Sherry is it better for me to wear jockeys or shorts, her answer, “Depends”.

Finally I got the ad over the internet that makes sense for us old folks, “Diapers, for when they are needed!”


Okay I am not quite at that stage yet, but it may not be long. So I put that on my favorites. LOL


I once copied an ad for ‘Doritos’. It was a coupon that said ‘Free Doritos, any size.’  We used two or three of them before I read that they were fake coupons and would no longer be honored.  So I have never copied a coupon from the internet again.  Do you print them out and use them? Are they legitimate?

To be honest I despise coupons. I say why don’t they just sell the item at a reasonable price?  I do understand why, it is the rules addressing advertising. They get to deduct it as advertising.( I do realize it is smart to use them for something you actually use and were going to buy anyway)


While I am at it I will fuss about laws. I have not followed the lady who is running for the Repub. nomination, but I read a negative statement made by someone. “Since she has been in congress She has not submitted any bill that has been made into law.” ( or something like that)  In my opinion that was a plus. Why in heck does anyone think we should have more laws? What they should do is see if they can get some off the books.  They are known as ‘Law Makers’, that doesn’t mean everyone up there must submit a new law, surely!!!  DOES IT?

Don’t get me wrong, we need laws, I am not fussing about that. But somehow I think over 200 years we should have about enough. So why not review the old laws and throw some out.

I am about to agree with Jimmy, everyone up there is stupid. Here it is about time to shut the gov’t down again, and they cannot agree. The Super committee failed, now we need a Super Duper Committee. Idiots (BOTH SIDES) used the last day or two to cast insults at the other side instead of finding an answer. You mean to tell me that a week ago they did not know this was coming up?


(“Why can’t we just get along?” Rodney King)

“Thanks for reading this mess. I’m outta here.

Nite Shipslog


Two cows are standing next to each other in a field. Daisy says to The Looker, "I was artificially inseminated this morning."
"I don't believe you," says The Looker.
"It's true; no bull!" exclaims Daisy.


Take a look at this:


1957 DeSoto Fire Flite (This was the year of the fin)


BlueRidge Boomer said...

I'm supporting the SNOB Party.....SNOB....stands for Send No One Back...Haaaaaaaaa!!

Paula said...

Like the cartoons and the cow joke. lol Having trouble with blogger this morning. Can't even change my header, can't read comments or the one it shows. Its a bad day so far. Oh well we have good left overs from Thanksgiving to eat.

Anonymous said...

Had a good Thanksgiving ate to much. Will
go on a diet next week..LOL The laws are not
inforced why make them. I will join the SNOB
Party. Sounds wonderful.


betty said...

I have printed coupons from the Internet and have used them, but I'm real careful what sites. I'm with you about the coupons, price the food accordingly and don't mess around with them but they do save money these days so we do use them.

It will be an interesting election next year. I'm not sure any in either party is the candidate we need. I just hope people are more careful voting this time around!

Cute cartoons on aging!


Bookncoffee said...

Coupons are a double sword. I love saving the money. I get excited about saving the money. George does too. I just hate the part of organizing them every week. lol Maybe my new book will help. I never did the online couponing much but I hear there are lots of couponing sites that the big couponers use to save a lot of their money. I have always found they put spyware and stuff on your pc's. So I never do it any more. It would be a pain if I traveled as much as you do or staying in the RV. I'd just find good deals and skip the coupons!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

After a day out with part of my family I feel like I'm getting older by the minute. I don't do internet coupons but I've heard there really are some good ones out there. I do clip a few out of the newspaper though. Tomorrow is our big family feast. More fun and more food... Lovely weather for November too!

Anonymous said...

I do some coupons most of the time I cut them out and forget about them. The only coupon I've used from the Internet was for a outlet store and so for they were good I just haven't been to one in a while, lol. Love the cartoons.Lol.You and Shery take care. Jean


I use to be a couponer. Saved a bundle of money when I had small children at home. But as we got older, less and less of the coupons were applicable. Had to chuckle when you mentioned, 'Why don't they just lower the price of product and stop wasting money printing the coupons.' GREAT question. Take care.

Lucy said...

Don't make new laws. They don't enforce the ones we have. After this last fiasco with the SUPER????? committee all I can say is do away with both parties independents and tea partyers. Republicans and democrats are acting like spoiled brats. Leave medicare and soc. sec. alone. They are messing with medicare right now again thanks to the SUPER committee.

Debbie said...

I really don't see how you can save money printing your own coupons when you consider how expensive printer ink is. I used to clip coupons from the Sunday paper but we quit subscribing to the weekend paper several years ago because the price of it became outrageous, not to mention there were many times our carrier didn't leave one in our paperbox. Yeah, I agree, just put a reasonable price on the products and be done with it.

Love & Hugs

Fred Alton said...

I have printed out an ad here and used it at Ace Hardware, our local store. It's a new area of discovery for me. Frances clips coupons like there won't ever be another one. ☺ Politics is a hazardous occupation these days. No one likes them. I think I'll stick with just being a preacher. No hazards in this field, eh?

Amelia said...

I'm not looking forward to old age.