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While in the USAF stationed in Biloxi,Miss. I had possible orders to Sault St. Marie or Kirksville, MO. I drew Kirksville. We lived in an 8x42 trailer, so we hooked it on the back of our 1955 Ford and headed North. Believe it or not back then (1958-9) you had to get permits to tow something that BIG(?) thru most states.

Scanoldpic8 010

 With permits in hand we had a good trip, until somewhere in Kentucky we got snowed in. A nice guy in a general store allowed us to stay in his lot for two days. Then we got stuck on a hill in the snow in South East Missouri.  With the help of passers by, road side cinders  and a good-ol-Missouri-boy in a p/u truck , they got us over the hill. An exciting trip for a young couple with a baby boy. My Dad and BIL (Dick) were along to help also.

Being from the South,  leaving the Gulf Coast, we had no idea what 13 below zero in March felt like, but we learned.

scanoldpic7 005

(55 Ford with our trailer in the back ground)

Kirksville turned out to be some of the best duty in the world. A small 100 man radar site. We loved it there. The summers were wonderful and beautiful in the rolling hills of NE Missouri.  WE learned that Missouri folk are great.

scan1994-96 002

(Kenneth & Eileen on one of our trips across country)

That is where we met the Conrad Family.  Ahhh what a treat. Kenneth was a real German Missourian. Eileen was from Palm Beach County, FL. Kenneth was a farmer and a worker in the HB Chance Corp. In a two story farm house they raised 10 kids.


The family grew up with the standards of Mom & Dad. Truth and hard work. Nurses, financial advisor, administrators, a (lady) jet mechanic, Builders, craftsmen, and a war hero.



(Kenneth, me and the boys, Kenneth is in his 80’s and in this picture (2010) was as strong as an ox.)

On the way down to enjoy a visit with some of the family who drove in from Missouri, I got to thinking, we have known this family over 50 years. Eileen could have been a professional singer. Oh yeah, Vickie too,  but she prefers to turn a nut and adjust what ever jet mechanics do. HA! To top it off, they are all good looking too, even Kenny, Sherry says he looks like George Clooney (is that good or bad?).

Manatees andCONRADS 018

They can all cook too, even the guys.


(Sherry & I left Kirksville and eventually moved back to Moberly Mo. This is the church we all attended, it did have a steeple back then)

Manatees andCONRADS 022

They were down to visit Irma Lee, affectionately known as Aunt Nee, 91+ who is also one of the sweetest women you want to meet. Also two of the Siblings(Glenda & David Luke) are residents of Okeechobee. So it is a reunion. I believe David and Glenda went back to Missouri with the crowd to have more time with the family & Mom & Dad.

all conrads

I could go on and on about this family, but suffice to say, they are a pleasure to know and be around.



(This was taken at David Luke’s place in Florida, A real craftsman but  still country at heart)

Thanks for sharing a joy with me.

Nite Shipslog


When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.



1956 Dodge Royal Lancer. This is the Car Kenneth had,  He had the 4dr. That was a load when the family was aboard.


100_0077aug10028three pastors 014three pastors 004

Random pictures of their pastors, but featuring Glenda, she is the one who is sort of the glue between us and the family. She keeps us abreast of what is happening.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's wonderful to know a family like that one for 50 years. I haven't done as well keeping up with some friends I had 50 years ago. I did enjoy sharing your Joy today. Good friends like that are hard to come by. Having been up here in northern Ohio most my life, I do know about cold temps and snow. I'm thankful that now I don't have to drive in it as much as i used too. Hope your wind died down a bit and you had a great Sunday.


I know a thing or two about COLD temps. Glad you were able to keep warm. Interesting about needing permits to haul a trailer in the 50's. Bet they cost a prretty penny. I LOVED this story about you and the Conrad Family. You are blessed to have been friends for 50 years. May it last for many more. Great photos. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Nice reading about the Conrad Family. I hear
you speak of them a lot. I was trying to think
how many people I have known for 50 years very
few lots of my friends are deceased. I guess
that is what you experience as we grow older.
Of course you would not known anything about
getting older..LOL

Paula said...

Not everyone keeps in contact with people like that. I do too and know what a pleasure it is. Nice happy pictures.

Fred Alton said...

What a great family the Conrad's are. And thank God for Glenda who keeps you all in touch. It's a most wonderful feeling to be with family and friends. I loved driving that '55 Custom Ford of yours while living in Biloxi. I'll never ever forget your kindness to us needy folks in those days.

betty said...

What an adventure you guys had traveling with the trailer going through the cold temps! I'm sure you somewhat laugh about it now, but didn't laugh then! The Conrads sound like a great family; so glad you got to know them and spend time with them!

Hubby's parents did similar thing like you and Sherry did, Jack. They had a trailer they would haul from place to place when his dad got his orders in the Navy. They moved from Florida to Kentucky once, they experienced the cold you talked about here!

have a good Monday!


Amelia said...

You have met so many people and seen so many places!