Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can’t eat Sh--

In the past few years since ‘my wife’ has gotten older, one of my favorite by-words is ‘$hit’.

 I have noticed that research in the past few years over laps. You are told that something is great for you, then it seems the next year, that it is bad for you, you should try this! Now I think a good diet is down to Oat meal, almonds and apples.

Today I was going over a list of stuff you should not eat (according to some university research).

Anyway, sorta under my breath (I thought) I said, “We can’t eat $hit anymore.”

From across the table, my wife who doesn’t care for the word too much says, “Good, I never cared for it anyway!”  OUCH!   (smart alecks)


All this, ‘It’s gonna kill you’ food, is getting to me. I have said it over and over I hate to use the word cholesterol, because I can never spell it correctly the first time thru. Anyway I am fighting the debate within myself, which is worse the side affects or the ‘hard word’?????

I hate to be at the mercy of someone’s opinion and I don’t know enough to make a wise decision myself.

I have made it a practice NEVER to advise others on medications, not even my sweetheart. That is a personal decision, because it may mean your life.

I have, however, in the depths of my thoughts, considered that many doctors prescribe drugs because of money. I cannot get over our dependency on the medical profession as time passes. It seems everyone I know is on a ‘few’ medications. Drugs seem to be the answer. Growing up there was a gas station on every corner, now they are razed, and drug stores raised in their place.

I worry about the children, that get started on meds at 2-5 yrs old. I’m probably off base, but remember the ‘terrible twos’ When a 2 yr old was experimenting and getting into everything. Now they are sick and need to be calmed by some pill. As I said it is probably just my age, and I may be off base, but that decision is not mine, every mom and dad is forced to weigh, is the kid normal, or over active? Decisions? Some children need medication, I have no doubt, but surely not about three million for ADHD alone!!!!!

(I wonder what that looks like in money???)

Anyway my diatribe today, thanks for coming by the log!

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The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.

-- Herbert Spencer, English Philosopher (1820-1903)

(In the light of the above, have you tried to start a lawn mower lately? So many safety features, it is a wonder it runs, the gov’t don’t want us to get hurt!)


A vehicle for all time:

The 1957 Chrvrolet


cars from Charlotte 014

(Since I was too young to remember this car, Shirl is explaining it to me LOL )


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Finally went to the dentist for the filling that was falling out.....NO ROOT CANAL..!! But the bill i'm sure included one....i've decided just eating healthy is the best we can do...!!


Paula said...

I just read on the internet we can get sick from handling out pet's food. Good golly, what next?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I haven't had to make any dietary changes yet and still do eat most everything. It may not all be good for me but it is a well balanced diet.

Anonymous said...

I like oatmeal, almonds & apples, but can I throw in a Cosmo every once in a while?

At times the effects of folly are,

Anonymous said...

It took me nearly a year to stop eating and drinking while walking.
Must be a decade since last I had Oat, and strangly have become alergic to almonds and apples during the last year.
Hope that there remains something to eat ;)
Please have you all a good Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I know you remember everything I said. When
I am trying to eat right I will meet someone
who is 94 years old and smokes, drinks and eats
anything they want too. You wonder what is best
I guess just eat everything in moderation.
You know me and how I watch everything. Oh
well I don't like this statement but you hear it
all the time "We are going to die of Something"
we all know that but don't rush it.


Jean said...

Jack I just lost a cousin he and I share the same birthday but I'm about 6 years a head of him. He has had two open heart surgeries in the pass and a few months ago he had a stroke. I tried feeding Grover oatmeal after his heart surgery it didn't last long. lol. I saw on TV the other day they were asking people on the street did they feel like they were over populating the world because they had a small child. Well makes you wonder what they think about older folks. Take care, Jean.,

Fred Alton said...

I'm 100% with Sherry on this one. I never liked the taste of that "stuff" neither! Haha. I laughed out-loud and Frances thought I was laughing at her (she was on the phone with her sis). I'm with you on the drugging of our kids. My goodness, these modern day Mom's have lost the recipe for peach tree tea so they have to give their kids Ridlin (or some such). Just knowing Mom had that peach limb nearby made me very calm!!!!


Makes you wonder where that expression first came from, doesn't it? LOL In order to live and breathe my husband takes about 10 medications a day. It is what it is. I'm grateful they are available to help him. But you're right, from personal experience I've seen some doctors recklessly prescribe for no good reason. I hate to see children being used as guinea pigs. Take care.

betty said...

All things in moderation, I believe. Sometimes they say coffee is good for you, sometimes its not. Same with this and same with that. Makes you wonder if they know what they are talking about. I do think the simple answer for some doctors is to prescribe something rather than get to the root of the problem. I know most women in a certain age group that go to the doctor and complain about being tired will walk out of the office with a prescription for an antidepressant. I think the way medicine is these days the doctors don't have the time to really talk with their patients and dig deeper to roots of things. That's my opinion I do believe :)


Anonymous said...

A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands (so says the Peanut comic strip).

I liked your wife's clever remark!

I agree, too much dope for the kids, not enough fresh air, sunshine, plain, healthy food, and as Fred alluded to, peach tree tea. In our case, it was usually called "a little hickory tea," though it was more likely to be a switch from the maple tree than a hickory.

Ken Riches said...

I wish they would ban medication commercials, it gets people believing they need more.

Rose said...

The doctor tells me to stop eating meat and dairy. It is not easy being a Vegan. Ugh.

But, my blood work looks better!

I'm craving a hotdog! LOL