Sunday, November 13, 2011

Florida in the Winter

Most folks think Florida is nice and toasty all winter. That is according to where you are. South Florida is of course nice most of the winter. Key West is great most of the year.

We lived in Key west for a few years. It is balmy most of the time but cold (cool) about three or four days a year.

It gets down right cold in J-ville sometimes. When I was stationed on the Independence (CVA-62), we pulled into J-ville for liberty. and in February it is COLD.

scan1998 041

(Sherry’s catch, her sweater is tied around her, it was on earlier)

scan1998 042

(Bass and Catfish mostly made stew!)

You have to get used to Florida, they don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing. Once Sonny and Colette came down for a visit and fish. We were in Bradenton at Lake Manatee. I specifically told Sonny to bring his ‘Warm Suit’. He thought I was joking so he didn’t bring it. After the first early morning he knew I was serious. Early, it is honestly cold (OK, chilly, not cold like in MI, WI,ME,MA etc), but once the sun comes up, it gets toasty warm most of the state. So if you do not fish until late, you are fine.

scan1998 107

(These are Speckled Perch locally called ‘Specks’ at home they are Crappie.)

We have lived in Albany, GA for awhile, which is near the Florida line, then Key West and Tavares, FL. We are still residents of Florida but have only a mail service, we have no property here at all anymore.  That confuses some folk. We had a mail service on Merritt Island first, and some folk wanted to know how we lived in a Shopping Mall. haha!

Now we spend about half of our time in Florida moving around. We have what is referred to our home park, one in Wildwood, but we travel around to State Parks to keep the feeling of Camping and seeing other places. That makes this life interesting to us.

scan1998 080

(Unique site, burning the cane fields. those flames go 30-40’ in the air.)

I think Sherry likes this life style also, I was kidding her a few minutes ago that God probably had great plans for her, and I came along and short circuited them, and now she has to settle for what IS!

It is fortunate we both like the same things, we separate some on Chocolate though, she doesn’t understand that God created Butter Pecan first, then made Chocolate for those with worse tastes. hahaha


Thanks for coming this way. I appreciate it.

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Caffeine increases the power of aspirin and other painkillers, that is why it is found in some medicines.


This is a car:

1992 roadmaster

You gotta love this big ‘92 Roadmaster Buick


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Don't miss the burning of the cane...or...the cane trucks....!!


Paula said...

I'm with Sherry, chocolate had to come first. People tought you lived in the mall made me think of the book about the girl who lived in Wal*Mart.

Anonymous said...

It is turning cold here at night. I know you
miss your fishing buddies but You and Sherry make a team. I like dark Chocolate. Find a
Wal-mart and check on the candy isle for
Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate. That is something new and it is delicious. They are by
Brookside. They are at Sam's also. They also
have Acai and Dark Chocolate. Foods for the Gods.


Helen said...

We went to J'ville one year when the kids were small. They just had to get their toes wet and shivvered and shook. It was downright cold. Butter Pecan and Chocolate are both delicious. Fried crappie are the best eating fish I have ever ate. Helen

betty said...

That was a good day of fishing for you all! Florida is kind of like California; a mix of weather depending where you are; people think California sunny and warm, but there are the mountains with cold and snow during the winter months. So I would imagine Florida would be similar in different temps, etc and one would get to know that and plan accordingly for it. But I'm sure Florida in winter is still a lot warmer than Minnesota in winter :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Florida in the winter is a lot warmer than Ohio too. I think I could stand a cool morning if the day warmed up nicely. We've had some really cool nights already and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Last winter went on forever. Snowed the 1st of December til the end of March. No thawing out in between. We are hoping for a little better this year, still cold but maybe less snow and an occasional thaw now and then. I just stay in a lot and try and keep warm. Enjoy those fish and the sunshine!

LYN said...

We started out at 41F this morning and by 2pm it was's all about the layers here..always peeling something off ..:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack, enjoyed the pictures, nice looking bass and specs, Hope you 2 are doing OK, take care,
Woody and Anna Mae


I hear what you're saying about the temperatures getting chilly there. My brother lives in California and has told me how cold it gets. Your photos were great. I'm not a chocolate person. But butter pecan ice cream sounds good. Take care.

Jean said...

We live about 25 to 30 minutes from the Florida line and it do get cold I guess you call this part north I love to travel but don't like having to do all the driving. Take care. Jean

Lucy said...

Now Jack, come to Ne. and find out what cold is. It has been up to 60 which is very unusual at this time of year. average 50 to 55. is normal. I do not like dark chocolate at all but like light chocolate and butter pecan.

Amelia said...

Oh, I would love to be able to travel like that!