Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flea Markets

I think the first real flea market I ever seen was in Athens or Istanbul. But since then I have been curious about flea markets so we go every once in awhile. Here in central Florida they have a flea mkt at Webster that is the grand daddy of all flea markets. This is where the dealers come to shop in bulk. But there are thousands of dealers who are there to sell retail.

flea mkt

(from the internet)

Striking my eye this time was “HAND MILKED GOAT SOAP”.  Now why would I care if the soap was made from machine milked or hand milked goats milk???

I laugh every time I am at Webster.  My friend Don and I watched this guy pour thick oil on a white carpet and with this wonder cleaner, cleaned it up. Don had a stain in his carpet caused by Walnut Stain. The guy was not surprised,”Believe it or not that is very common, and this stuff will make fast work of it.”  Well of course we should  NOT have believed it, but we did.

We both bought some.  Since then any cleaner is called Jack & Don’s miracle cleaner. So we got took.

But I still like to go to Flea markets. People watching there, is better than Wal Mart. I usually find something, if it is no more than a book, I cannot live without.

There are some absolutely beautiful ‘dust collectors’ (what-nots) from the orient, but the motor home does not allow room for those, thank goodness. The last time we were there I saw a beautiful Ships Wheel, but it was too big for our use, and besides I have a new one for our name plate. 

I have been noticing a lot of dentist tools, I am tempted to get some. hahahahahaha

Thanks for coming this way.

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Today’s car:


did I put this on? The rarest car in History the 1954 88 Oldsmobile. GM would not allow it to be built they knew it would out shine the Corvette.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

CityBoy and the male parental unit went to the flea market in Wilkesboro yesterday....what did they get..?? A box of FL tomatoes for me to take care of......!! Tomorrows blog post....


Anonymous said...

All I have to do is take a stroll in my basement.
I cannot believe things I have. Smoky said I should put up a reading room in the basement. I could charge a fee if they don't bring the books back. I just added some more that were upstairs.
We are getting a good collections. Love to look
at them. Don't want to have a reading room would have to serve coffee.

Buy the dust what-nots and put them in the museum. Seniors meeting tonight better get ready.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That looks like a huge flea market. I love going and looking around. You never know what treasures can be found. We have a couple of them not far from here but the best time to go there is in the summer when the vendors are outdoors. Fresh fruit, veggies and baked goods are offered besides all the rest. Now that colder weather is setting in they do have indoor vendors that have spaces they rent out there. But the real bargains are in the summer. Let us know how the spot remover works. It's another beautiful day here and I just came in from an hour or so in the sunshine on the patio. It felt wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Little Shop of Horrors at Shipslog. :-)

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a much enjoyed place to spend time, discovering memories and adventures. Thank you for the advice, will take a few pictures as soon as possible.
Please have a good Wedneday you all.


I've been taken once or twice by couple con artists, myself, Jack. LOL Exploring flea markets is a fun way to spend a day. Amazing what you can find. Back when I was born, my great aunt, gave me a pretty black and white cat statue, to have for when I grew up. She told my momo she had paid $25 for it. That was alot to spend, in those days. Guess I was a special kid. I now have two daughters and they both staked claim to that cat. It is very, very old, like me. One day I was out at a flea market, in PGH, PA and there sitting on a table in front of me was the very same cat. I figured it would cost an arm and leg. The guy said he didn't like cats, so I could have it for a dollar. I almost died. So now I have two, one for each daughter. I checked with a local antique store and they told me the value of the pair is about $500. Imagine that? Loved hearing about your flea market adventures. Now you know mine. Take care.

Paula said...

We can now turn around in the space with shelves behind the garage. since it is cooler I have felt like cleaning and "getting rid of" so when our neighbors had a very big yard sale over the week-end I didn't go near their yard.

betty said...

Haven't been to any here, but swap meets are big here, I'm sure similar to flea markets. I think they get real busy/popular around the holidays!! That was a cool car, I can see how it could outshine a Corvette!


Rose said...

I love Flea Markets and we have several here in South Florida that are indoors and air conditioned. One is so huge, I don't think I ever saw all the booths inside.

I wouldn't say I ever got a bargain at one of them though.

Glad that Taryterre found a duplicate cat statue that is worth a lot more than she paid for it. That was a great find.

Sorry your cleaning product didn't work. I have purchased so many cleaning products to remove stains and none of them work! A stain on a rug always rises back to the top over and over again!

Hugs, Rose

Lucy said...

I love flea markets but we really don't see them often here. Omaha had one we went to. Didn't by anything. I could honestly run one out of our basement. We have got to get rid of some of that stuff. Famous last words.

Anonymous said...

DH can't abide flea markets. They give him the "budges." I kinda know what that means, but I can't find the word in the dictionary.
The hand milked just means you can buy in good conscience, knowing the goats have been treated gently - you know, like Jerry Clower said the first time Marcell milked the cow, the cow broke up with the bull.